Nudges Health Wellness Natural Jerky Cut Dog Treats

nudges jerky cuts

Satisfy your pup’s cravings with delicious jerky treats made with real USA chicken as the primary ingredient and featuring glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support bone and joint health. Slowly oven-dried for easy tearing, these treats contain only high-grade ingredients for ultimate satisfaction!

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Ingredients include Chicken, Rice, Vegetable Glycerin, Sugar, Distilled Vinegar, Salt and Natural Flavoring agents (Paprika for color). Comes in 36 oz resealable package.


Health & Wellness

Nudges Health Wellness Natural Jerky Cut Dog Treats with Chicken Flavor come in 40-oz bags made in the United States of America.

Slowly oven-dried and easy to tear, these slow-oven-dried treats are made from real USA chicken without corn, wheat or soy products – as well as without artificial preservatives or animal byproducts! Additionally, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are added for bone and joint health support – not forgetting natural flavoring with paprika!

Made with Real Chicken

Fast food chicken can be confusing when it comes to knowing exactly what you’re ordering, even when you think you are. Unfortunately, restaurants are known to add ingredients such as seitan (made of wheat gluten) or pink slime to products to reduce costs or extend shelf-life. Many quick serve chains are trying to improve their offerings, and knowing which chains offer quality, real chicken products without overprocessing and from farms that prioritize animal welfare is useful – one such chain is Starbird which offers delicious truffle parm tenders and Baja chicken taco options!

Starbird can also be easily found at many airports, making it an easy and hassle-free solution when in a pinch.

Made with Real Duck

Cooking duck is both special and straightforward; available at many grocery stores in larger or superior cuts than chicken; just plan ahead as whole duck can take some time to defrost!

Nudges Jerky Cuts are made with real, USA farm-raised duck, providing delicious protein sources that support muscle development and energy. Slowly oven dried for maximum flavor, these tender treats are easy to tear apart while offering full of flavor! Contains no animal byproducts, corn, wheat or soy – plus no artificial flavors or preservatives!

Made with Real Steak

Real steak is one of the healthiest foods available, boasting high amounts of monounsaturated fats that our bodies need. At steak grillers dog treats we use only real USA sourced beef as the main ingredient, providing delicious texture, flavor, and aroma reminiscent of perfectly grilled food! Plus there are no animal byproducts, artificial flavors, or preservatives added – making these treats a tasty way to help strengthen your pup’s heart!