Ostrich Bone For Dogs

ostrich bone

Ostrich bones make excellent chew toys for dogs, providing them with essential minerals. Hypoallergenic and low in fat content makes ostrich bones ideal for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, these bones contain remnants of meat such as tendon sheaths which provide added texture and taste!

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These durable natural bones provide your dog with the tools he or she needs to remove plaque and tartar from his or her teeth, while being lightweight enough for water play.



These bones are free from preservatives, additives, colors and added sugars; making them hypoallergenic, suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies and also low in fat! Packed full of natural calcium sources as well as helping clean teeth efficiently!

Ostriches are essential parts of our ecosystem, playing an essential role in providing shelter for other animals as well as creating protective gaps to ward off predators and other threats in harsh environments such as Africa and other parts of the world. Ostriches also create holes in the ground which help provide refuge from predators – helping ensure they can continue living their lives to their fullest extent!

Ostriches are among the fastest bipedal animals alive, so their bones have evolved to handle loads imposed during movement. According to this research study, both structure and material of ostrich limb bones were optimized in order to achieve this feat; specifically, the region experiencing high bending moments on its tibial shaft showed denser regions; this evidenced how this bone can adapt both with changing loading conditions as well as by selectively altering its material properties.


Ostrich bone chews are low-fat treats, making them an excellent option for dogs with dietary restrictions or sensitive stomachs. Plus, they provide essential calcium and phosphorus sources, helping support bone health. Just be mindful that excessive intake may cause mild diarrhoea. If given regularly without warning.

Ostrich bone is naturally hypoallergenic and contains proteins not commonly found in other bones; this makes the chew less likely to splinter, making it safer for small dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies.

Ostrich bones come in various shapes and sizes to cater to the different breeds and chewing habits of canines. Some are longer-lasting while others can be eaten quickly for faster chewers. Furthermore, these treats provide nutritional benefits, including improved dental health and reduced osteoarthritis symptoms; just be careful that too much chewing does not lead to dental issues or tooth fractures!

Safe for dogs

Experts claim that bones can help your dog achieve weight management, strengthen teeth and promote dental hygiene. Raw bones also contain key nutrients like calcium and phosphorous. But be careful in selecting high-quality bone treats; low-grade ones could splinter or break apart under your pet’s bite!

Ostrich bones are safe for dogs as they’re air dried without added ingredients or preservatives, meaning less likely to splinter while chewing on. Of course, as with anything that involves your pet chewing on something new, always supervise their activities when possible.

Hypoallergenic long-lasting, high protein and low fat bones designed specifically for most dogs – even those with sensitive stomachs – make for easy digesting treats with novel alternative proteins, floating properties and an excellent chew option that also stimulates mind stimulation! Perfect for large breeds as a long lasting way to prevent upset tummies or ease passage through poops!

Suitable for puppies

Ostrich bones differ from traditional bone treats in that they do not splinter, making them safer for puppies. Young dogs under 12 weeks should be closely supervised while chewing in order to avoid any choking or digestive problems that might result. It’s best to offer one only after they’ve eaten because an empty stomach increases risk of swallowing fragments of the bone or chewing too hard and damaging teeth.

Ostrich bones are naturally high in vitamins, protein, and low in fat compared to their counterparts, making them the perfect treat for medium – large breeds of dogs of most breeds. Long lasting and hypoallergenic, ostrich bones float for those pups who like their chews underwater! Unlike most bones available today, ostrich bones contain no preservatives or additives sourced responsibly; making this treat an excellent way to stop puppies chewing furniture and soothe sore gums caused by teething.