Pangea Gecko Diet Breeding Formula

pangea gecko diet breeding formula

Pangea Growth & Breeding Formula is a complete gecko diet specifically tailored for reproductive crested geckos, featuring insect sources of fat and protein (crickets and black soldier fly larvae) while still having an appetizing flavor.

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This food features an irresistible blend of bananas and apricots to promote an enthusiastic feeding response similar to other Pangea formulas. Furthermore, its higher fat levels help ensure strong egg production throughout the breeding season.



Fruits are an integral part of crested geckos’ diet, particularly during breeding season when their fat levels increase to help sustain egg production during their peak reproductive period.

The high fat content in this food helps keep eggs hydrated and strong throughout the season. Furthermore, it contains plenty of calcium for both adult and breeding geckos alike.

Additionally, fruits in this diet do not contain high levels of anti-nutrients like Oxalate or Phytate that could contribute to poor egg quality, slow growth, weak bones, an increased likelihood of Floppy Tail Syndrome and other calcium related problems.

PFM Complete Gecko Diet was specially formulated with very low levels of these anti-nutrients so they do not pose a problem for geckos. Furthermore, it is free from Saponins which are typically found in soy and legumes. With the correct amounts of calcium, phosphorous, vitamins, and nutrients included in each serving, geckos get an optimal diet.


Insects are one of the largest groups of animals on Earth, with over one million species identified. Not only do they pollinate plants and break down organic matter, but they provide valuable food sources for other creatures as well.

Insect bodies are segmented, each supported by a hard exoskeleton made of chitin. Each segment supports two jointed appendages that may include legs and wings.

Some insects have evolved to be aquatic and have adaptations for swimming. Water striders, for instance, possess hydrophobic hairs on their legs which allow them to glide easily across a body of water.

Most insects lack lungs, instead breathing oxygen through an internal tube system called tracheae (element 8 in the numbered diagram). Furthermore, they possess salivary glands which secrete enzymes to break down plant material into food as well as a rectal chamber for waste disposal.

Insects belong to the arthropod family, alongside spiders, crabs, crayfish and centipedes. These animals are classified as arthropods due to their exoskeleton, segmented bodies and bilateral symmetry.


Geckos require a high level of calcium to keep their bones strong. Unfortunately, this can be hard to provide through their natural diet, so supplementing their food with calcium is an easy way to ensure they get the necessary amount.

Pangea offers several formulas specifically formulated for crested geckos. The Growth & Breeding Formula is ideal for egg-laying females or growing juveniles.

These formulas not only offer a high calcium content, but they also contain vitamin D3, which aids in calcium absorption. Furthermore, they’re fortified with an assortment of fruits and vegetables for an all-around balanced nutritional diet.

Crested geckos can be picky eaters, so it’s essential to provide them with a variety of food items. This could include powder diets that are rehydrated with water, meal replacements and fruit purees.


Pangea Gecko Diet Breeding Formula provides essential vitamins and minerals to promote breeding, growth, and reproduction in geckos of all life stages, including crested geckos as well as other species such as New Caledonian giant geckos, water spit geckos, and chameleon geckos (Eurydactylodes spp).

This pangea gecko formula contains higher fat levels to support egg production during breeding season. Additionally, it’s enriched with an abundant supply of calcium for optimal nutrient balance throughout all life stages – perfect for breeding adults and geckos alike!

Pangea gecko diet breeding formula is an ideal choice for any breeding program. It boasts a high protein level to promote strong egg development and reproduction, along with balanced amounts of calcium and insect meal. While it’s especially recommended for crested geckos and other reproductive geckos, all omnivorous geckos can benefit from this food at any stage in their lives.