Cubes For Cows – Important Nutrients For Cows

cubes for cows

Cubes are a staple supplement used by cattle producers to ensure their cows get all of the protein, energy and other essential nutrients they require.

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Cubes are typically made with dried distillers grains (DDGs), a byproduct of ethanol production.

Unfortunately, DDGs are difficult to compress into cubes and often break apart during transportation. So Rayman Elements, a company from Nebraska with expertise in this area, came up with an alternative solution to keep DDGs stable during shipping.



Protein is an essential nutrient for cow body condition and reproduction. Additionally, the amount of protein added to forage-based diets should take into account rumen microbes’ needs.

Research has demonstrated that when cattle graze native grasses and roughage with low rumen protein levels, supplementing with an escape protein supplement improves forage intake, weight gain, pregnancy rates and postpartum intervals (Engle et al., 2008).

20% protein range cube with vitamins and minerals is an ideal product to use for improving the utilization of poor quality forage by brood cows, calves and bulls in dry calf operations. When combined with high-quality forages, the supplement will increase dry matter intake while improving energy and fiber digestion. It will also support normal rumen microbial fermentation to promote body condition, growth and reproduction.


Energy is an essential nutrient for beef cattle, as it supports essential bodily functions like milk production and reproduction. Furthermore, energy plays a significant role in maintaining and growing beef cattle.

Cows typically consume energy in a hierarchical order that prioritizes essential nutrients for their essential body functions, helping prevent unnecessary use of energy when intake is inadequate.

When cattle are deficient in crude protein (CP), supplemental protein may be needed to increase forage intake and possibly digestion. A small quantity (0.5-1 pound/day) of high-protein supplement should be enough to meet both the cow’s CP needs as well as that of rumen microorganisms.

Cows that are lacking both calcium and energy may benefit from cubes. An all-natural 38 percent cube with 5.5% fat provides extra energy to boost milk production or improve body condition for improved reproductive performance.


Fiber is essential for cows as it promotes rumen health, encourages chewing, enhances feed degradability and keeps the pH of the rumen healthy. Unfortunately, providing enough fibre in rations while simultaneously meeting dairy cows’ energy requirements can prove challenging.

Adequate fiber intake for cows requires an understanding of the structure and effects of individual non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs). With this insight, producers can more efficiently manage their nutrition program.

Cubes for cows can be an economical and convenient way to obtain protein, energy and fiber when feeding in low quality forage or grazing conditions. KE Hi-Fat 30% AN Cubes contain high amounts of fat, protein and energy which should be fed alongside forage or other supplements. Furthermore, these highly digestible cubes are produced from distillers’ grains – perfect for cows during calving or breeding periods.


Digestibility is an important aspect of animal nutrition. It measures the percentage of nutrients absorbed from the digestive tract and serves to assess an ingredient’s effectiveness.

Companies making feed must evaluate the digestibility of their ingredients to ensure their products maintain an appropriate balance of nutrients and energy, while improving productivity, quality and profitability. Doing this allows them to make informed decisions about ingredient substitution when available.

Digestibility of protein and amino acids depends on several factors, including molecular structure, composition and enzyme activity. These can be identified through inert markers as well as by collecting faecal wastes from cattle.