Peanuts Are Good For Wild Bird Seed

wild bird seed peanuts

There are many different types of bird seed you can buy, but peanuts are one of the most popular. These nuts contain high amounts of protein and fats, which help birds maintain a healthy weight and improve their growth. Furthermore, peanuts are 100% edible, eliminating the potential for shell litter. Peanuts attract many different kinds of birds and can be offered in specialty feeders, mesh feeders, and platform feeders. Alternatively, you can mix shelled peanuts with standard wild bird food to attract different kinds of birds.

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Buying peanut-free bird seed is a smart move. Peanuts can cause an allergic reaction. While some birds can tolerate the presence of peanuts in bird food, other species are sensitive to them. For example, Cardinals and finches will reject peanut-based bird food, but they will love peanut-free seed made with Nyger Seed. You can buy peanut-free bird seed online from places like Blain’s Farm & Fleet. To avoid cross contamination, wear gloves and wash your hands before handling the bird seed.

Using a suet feeder is an excellent way to attract wild birds. You can use a hollowed log or branch to make your own suet feeder. You can also use a cage feeder, which is inexpensive and can hold several suet cakes. Suet is an excellent source of protein and calories for birds. You can also give them a suet cake or block if you have a large yard.


Sunflower seeds are great food for dozens of bird species. They’re cheap and easy to find. There are three main types of sunflower seeds that you can use to feed your backyard birds, each of which has its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some tips to ensure that your backyard birds are getting the best possible nutrition. Choosing the best sunflower seed for your backyard will help you feed your backyard birds for many years to come.

The most popular variety of sunflower seed is the oil sunflower, which is preferred by many species of birds. Originally developed for its oil content, oil sunflower seeds have become an ideal bird food source. Black-oil sunflower seeds are also popular because they contain a higher oil content than the striped variety. Black-oil sunflower seeds are also easier to crack and make less of a mess than the striped variety.


Peanuts are a rich source of energy for many birds. They are a perfect source of fat and protein and can sustain many species even in the harshest conditions. If you want to attract more bird activity in your yard, consider adding peanuts to your favorite bird seed blend. You can also purchase peanuts in larger packages and hide them in different locations around your yard. Regardless of whether you feed peanuts to birds, you can rest assured they will enjoy the high-energy treat.

If you are allergic to peanuts, make sure to keep your bird food as pure as possible. Peanuts are not only good for birds but also are not suitable for people with allergies. Peanuts can be found in a variety of flavors and are often combined with other ingredients in baking. Whether you want to provide peanuts to your backyard bird friends, you’ll have to carefully evaluate the ingredients. Some of the most common peanuts are:

Nut squares

A variety of wild birds love peanuts, and these delicious little squares are an excellent way to attract them to your yard. Peanuts are great for attracting jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and more. They also make excellent treats for children. Peanuts in a square form are easy to store and are great for giving to children. You can purchase larger or smaller quantities, depending on your local requirements.

Many manufacturers put cheap fillers into their bird seed mixes because the ingredients are so cheap. Whether or not the seeds are attractive to birds doesn’t matter to them, and they would never remain on store shelves. One cheap filler used in bird seed squares is milo, also known as sorghum. It is a cheap filler, which is why these products are so popular. The peanuts and nuts are great for attracting birds, but it’s not recommended to buy these mixes if you are a first-time birder.

Squirrel food

The best way to attract squirrels is to feed them a healthy diet of raw nuts, like sunflower seeds. This will keep them out of your garden and prevent them from getting into your bird seed. You can purchase nuts at a local grocery store or create your own recipe. Thousands of people create homemade squirrel food each year, and you can do the same. The only difference is that these nuts are raw and should not be flavored or salted.

Using nut balls as squirrel food can help your birds and squirrels both eat the same types of nuts. Nut balls are a great source of fats and contain vitamins, minerals, and phosphorous. You can make them with your favorite nuts, and squirrels will love them. Nut balls are also healthy for your birds and squirrels, but remember to serve them in moderation! Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and corn are not good for squirrels because they can become contaminated with harmful fungus and are too sweet.