Pedigree Dry Dog Food Review

pedigree dry dog food

Pedigree offers several recipes designed to address oral, skin and coat health, weight management and high-protein diet needs for pets. One such recipe uses ground whole grain corn with meat by-products as its protein source while also including BHA as an artificial preservative and colorant.

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Pedigree was established by the Chappel brothers as Chappie, but is now owned by MARS Inc and famous for its iconic yellow label that can be found all around the globe.


High-protein recipe

Pedigree understands that the bond between dogs and their pet parents is unbreakable, which is why their company offers a selection of healthy, flavorful recipes to feed each dog the good in them. Their Small Breed Chicken, Rice & Vegetable recipe contains approximately 24% protein and 56% carbohydrates – below average for dry food; furthermore it includes artificial coloring for extra visual interest as well as joint supplements glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support.

Pedigree dry food options tend to include proteins derived from unnamed meat byproducts and brewer’s rice as its primary carb source, and contain preservatives that are sometimes controversial, like BHA. This recipe offers slightly improved options than its peers but still includes proteins sourced from unspecified meat byproducts and preserved with BHA for additional preservation.

Choice Cuts line of foods features four recipes designed to serve both as a kibble topper or stand-in food, providing more complete proteins than their chopped ground counterparts, while still using unnamed meat byproducts as sources. Furthermore, this formula utilizes wood pulp as its fiber source and boasts more vitamins and minerals than some of its competitors.

Good for sensitive digestive systems

Pedigree offers several dog foods designed to meet the dietary needs of dogs with delicate digestive systems, with food featuring moderate levels of protein from meat by-products or animal meat and bone meal, while avoiding corn or wheat, both known triggers of sensitive digestive systems.

Healthy Weight formula may also be suitable for sensitive digestive systems. With its low-fat content and inclusion of essential vitamins, minerals, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support health and immunity.

This diet is designed specifically for small breed dogs with smaller kibble pieces to match their size. It features high protein content to help your pup build strength and joint supplement glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and a soft coat, all made by Mars family of companies who uphold high quality standards for their products – it even passes the AAFCO nutritional adequacy test!

Good for oral health

Puppies go through a chewy phase, so giving them something to keep their mouths busy helps ensure good oral health. Pedigree offers various chew toys designed to protect their baby teeth and prevent plaque build-up.

Small Breed Formula by Healthy Weight Solutions features smaller kibble to meet the specific dietary needs of smaller dogs, providing equal nutrition as their healthy weight option but with lower protein percentage. Chicken meal provides sources of glucosamine and chondroitin while vegetable like carrots and dried peas provide additional vitamins and antioxidants.

Pedigree first made their canned food under the name Chappel Brothers before changing to Chappie in 1934. Over time, however, Pedigree eventually evolved into what is known as today – Pedigree is part of Mars Incorporated and still produces their renowned dog food but also offers other pet care products like chew toys with delicious surprises such as Jumbo Bone and Marrobone for added fun and pleasure for pets!

Good for weight management

Dogs looking to lose some pounds may benefit from trying this recipe, which is low in fat and carbs while providing ample amounts of protein. Furthermore, this formula is suitable for diabetic pets as well.

Pedigree began life as Chappie, an innovative company that processed rejected meats into dog food cans. Today, this brand is owned by Mars corporation and offers budget friendly recipes.

Small dogs who need to maintain lean bodies will benefit greatly from this food, which contains high levels of protein and low fat levels with plenty of meat content. It also makes an excellent option for sensitive digestive systems as it contains both dry kibble and tender morsels for tasty and nutritionally rich morsels that dogs love! Furthermore, this formula provides puppies with essential nutrition needed for strong development.