Purina Healthy Weight

Maintaining and reaching a healthy weight are crucial to your pet’s overall wellbeing, and the Purina Healthy Weight diet has been designed to assist your dog in this pursuit.

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This kibble is hot extruded, made with corn, soy and rice and may contain ingredients linked to Dilated Cardiomyopathy (or DCM). Furthermore, this food also includes antinutrients like soybean hulls, soybean meal and dried green peas that could potentially contribute to diet-induced DCM.


Reduced calorie content

Purina Healthy Weight Formula can help your dog maintain a healthy weight thanks to the high levels of protein and fiber it provides, including real turkey as the number one ingredient, four antioxidant sources to support immunity, tender meaty morsels with crunchy kibble that dogs love and its 100% complete and balanced nutrition – perfect for everyday snacking! This SmartBlend recipe guarantees 100% complete and balanced nutrition!

Purina ONE brings nature and research together for real nutrition that makes a difference. By selecting natural ingredients with high quality and safety standards in their own facilities, Purina ONE tailors tailored formulas to specific needs – like ideal weight, joint health, strong muscles and heart health – in order to produce effective solutions.

When switching food brands, make the change gradually over 7-10 days by gradually increasing the percentage of Purina ONE while decreasing that of its previous food source. This will prevent digestive upset; especially important when transitioning overweight pets onto Purina ONE foods; our nutritionists advise monitoring your pet’s body condition closely and making any necessary adjustments as required.

Satisfies hunger

Purina Healthy Weight Food for Dogs offers balanced nutrition at reduced caloric intake. This formula boasts higher than average protein and fat contents and lower than average carb levels, helping maintain lean muscle mass during weight loss while simultaneously supporting immune system health with its blend of antioxidants.

This weight management food features real turkey as the first ingredient, to promote strong muscles and heart health. Rice serves as a source of carbohydrates while dual-defense antioxidants help support immune function; in addition, there are natural sources of glucosamine to support joint health.

Beef fat, an energy-rich ingredient, comes next. After this comes chicken meal – made from ground and cooked poultry parts and high in proteins and essential amino acids – which some consumers may view as unnecessary ingredients. But manufacturers and nutritionists argue otherwise; both ingredients contribute high quality nutrition that supports overall wellbeing.

Promotes lean muscle mass

Purina Healthy Weight’s protein-rich formula is designed to support dogs during weight loss by helping them maintain lean muscle mass, keeping them fuller for longer and decreasing urges to overeat. Furthermore, increased energy levels allow dogs to continue exercise and burn calories – two essential components in creating an improved body composition and overall health in your pet.

Poultry by-product meal, chicken meal and rice flour are excellent sources of protein for dogs, providing both essential amino acids and glucosamine that promote joint health in dogs. Poultry by-product meal provides essential organ meats such as the lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys of slaughtered chickens that is rich in essential lipids, amino acids and glucosamine to promote good joint health in your pup!

Nature. Research. Results.

Enhances energy levels

Purina Healthy Weight Formula for Dogs provides your pet with plenty of protein and fiber to increase energy levels while supporting metabolism health. With low calorie and fat counts, maintaining an appropriate weight should become much simpler. You can easily feed Purina Healthy Weight Formula into their existing food to facilitate a smooth transition to their new diet with no digestive upset.

This high-protein weight management formula combines nature and research for visible results in your pet. It features a SmartBlend of premium ingredients – real turkey is listed as its first ingredient – while natural sources of glucosamine support joint health. Additionally, this recipe features medium-chain triglycerides as a natural energy source and can be fed either dry or moistened with water for feeding purposes. Always provide fresh and clean drinking water as an ingredient of their diet. For optimal results, have your hay analyzed and add quality long stemmed forages such as Timothy or Alfalfa hay to balance rations; Equilizer (35720) should also provide additional hydration support. Consult your veterinarian or an Agribrands Purina Equine consultant for personalized feeding recommendations as well as sound management practices along with optimal preventive veterinary care.