Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Review

purina pro plan liveclear

If you’re looking for a new pet food, you may want to consider Purina Pro Plan Liveclear. It’s an excellent food for cats that can help alleviate allergies. However, you should first make sure that your cat has no allergies to chicken, fish, or other animals.

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Allergic to cats? Try this food

A new product launched by Purina Pro Plan is designed to help cat lovers get rid of allergies. LiveClear is a new line of food that was developed over a decade of research. Using egg-based protein, the food is supposed to reduce the spread of Fel D1 from cat saliva to cat hair and dander. This results in a 47% reduction in major allergens.

LiveClear is a relatively new product, released just a few months ago in the United States and Europe. The research behind the food is promising. Some pet owners have reported positive results. Similarly, there are also some negative reports.

According to research conducted by Purina, LiveClear can significantly reduce the amount of Fel d1 in a cat’s saliva and hair. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the actual levels are different for each cat.

One study found that the level of Fel d1 on the coats of cats is remarkably low. In fact, only a tiny percentage of the total amount of the allergen is able to affect an individual.

Aside from the food itself, Pro Plan LiveClear also includes an allergen-reducing rinse-free shampoo. It’s also fortified with live probiotics to help keep a cat’s digestive system healthy.

If you’re not sure whether or not LiveClear is right for your cat, consider checking out the positive reviews on the food’s official page on Amazon. Most users have given the product an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Allergic to fish? Try this food

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