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Purina Game Fish Chow provides a complete and balanced feed for pond fish of all species, specifically targeting poor nutrition as the most pressing barrier to bass size and numbers.

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Many fishermen have found great success using various combinations of Purina products mixed with Menhaden oil as chum for years now, and it works brilliantly.

Game Fish Chow

Anglers utilize many homemade recipes and combinations when creating their chum. One such ingredient used by anglers is Purina Game Fish Chow powder mixed with Menhaden oil for an effective combination. Available as a 50 pound bag from most feed stores, this complete and balanced feed provides nutrition to pond fish across their range – ideal for bluegill, minnows and catfish species alike!

Pond Meal

Sometimes misdiagnosed as algae or green pond scum, this tiny floating plant is the smallest flowering plant on Earth. Found primarily on still and slow moving water bodies such as ponds, lakes, beaver ponds, swamps and ditches, these light green free-floating free floating specks of corn meal appear alongside duckweed or mosquito fern fern.

Even though this weed is small, it can quickly take over a garden pond if not managed regularly. Once covering an entire surface area of water, it blocks sunlight and depletes dissolved oxygen levels leading to fish kills.

Physically raking the pond to remove this invasive plant is the best way to control it, though chemical treatments such as Semera or Flumigard with surfactant will also work well. Koi or grass carp fish that feed on it will also help, while aeration is a great way to decrease their numbers.


Homemade chum recipes vary wildly among fishermen and contain ingredients as diverse as their boating adventures. Popular mixtures may include pond meal, ground cracked corn and stale bread mixed together with either menhaden or pogie oil from feed stores in 50 pound bags.

One of the top ingredients used for chumming fish species, such as freshwater and saltwater species alike, is frozen squid sold in 1 lb boxes. Chopped or ground up into a paste that attracts all layers of aquatic organisms by mixing with sand or another binder – perfect as an all-inclusive attractant mix!

Clams, oysters or mussels make excellent bait for both saltwater and freshwater species of fish, making a delicious chunk chum recipe or mixed in with sand to create ground chum. These items can be found both locally or purchased wholesale bait houses to create your homemade chunk chum recipe or ground chum recipe.