How to Choose the Best Dog Training Treats for Your Dog

Are You Training or Encouraging Your Dog In an Distracting Environment or Encourage Them To Stay in Their Cage? There Are Plenty of Treat Options Out There

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Some low-cal snacks are ideal for training sessions.


Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Zuke’s Mini Naturals offer your dog a nutritious training treat in bite-size form. Made of hard texture and naturally flavored with protein-rich salmon and chicken meal, these treats contain less than three calories each and make an ideal training reward. Perfect for dogs of all sizes!

These chewable training treats also aid in dental care by scraping away plaque and tartar build-up, leaving fresh breath with reduced food odors and treats! Made with ingredients such as parsley, alfalfa, and fennel; this combination promotes clean teeth as well as fresh breath for both pet and owner!

Ingredients used by this company vary depending on product type; all are sourced within the United States and include high-protein meats, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, and needed vitamins.

Some pet owners have reported that dog treats may be too dry and hard for their pups to manage due to storage practices; therefore, the best way to address this problem would be purchasing small quantities so as not to exceed your dog’s daily caloric requirements.

Wet Noses Little Stars

While a wet nose doesn’t necessarily indicate good health, it can enhance your pup’s sense of smell by trapping scent particles on its rhinarium and transporting them further down to their vomeronasal organ for analysis.

This limited ingredient treat is gentle on your dog’s tummy while offering plenty of flavor during training sessions. Packed with organic sweet potatoes and molasses for flavorful motivational training sessions, the treat has also been Non-GMO Project verified as non-GMO as well as being wheat, corn, soy and dairy free and made in the US.

Hiring a professional pet sitter can keep your animals safe in their own environments, enable a consistent schedule to run smoothly, and give you peace of mind that their needs are being taken care of while you’re away. At Wet Noses we provide an easy online form which matches you up with a sitter to meet those requirements and then gives updates via photos and text after every visit.

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

Potty training your puppy requires using high-value treats as an affirmation and incentive for good behavior. Full Moon chewy treats have similar appearance, scent and taste as human jerky for maximum value – while remaining low cal. To limit how many calories your pup ingests during an appointment session you can tear the strips into smaller pieces which helps limit caloric consumption during training sessions.

Small dogs typically consume lower daily caloric intakes than larger breeds, making them less likely to accumulate a calorie surplus through regular treats with higher caloric contents. Malawey advises limiting treats to 10% of your puppy’s daily calorie intake – something easily achievable using bite-sized training treats like these ones with hard textures and novel flavors – ideal for teaching holds and distance commands, with no meat by-products, corn, wheat, dairy or artificial flavors or colors present!

Merrick Tricky Trainers

Many dog owners find that teaching their pup tricks helps channel his or her energy away from behaviors like chewing, barking and digging that could potentially become disruptive or cause potential trouble for themselves or their home environment. Instead, this energy can become the basis of fun family activities to strengthen bonds between humans and their furry companions.

Merrick hard treats are an excellent option for dog training as they provide high-value rewards that can grab your pet’s attention when their focus begins to wander during training sessions. Their tasty options include salmon, chicken and turducken varieties to ensure maximum variety!

Trainers recommend these freeze-dried treats because they’re easy to break up into bite-size pieces, featuring an irresistibly delicious chicken liver flavor and only 3 calories per treat; making them ideal for long training sessions without overfeeding your pet. Plus, these treats are produced right here in America!