Quiko Canthaxanthin Vs Quiko Eifutter

If you’re interested in boosting your vitamin A and D3 levels, you might want to take a look at Quiko Canthaxanthin. You can also try Quiko Eifutter. Both products contain high amounts of vitamin A and D3, as well as spuren elements. So, which one is the best? Keep reading to learn more about these two powerful antioxidants and why they’re important for your overall health.

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Intensive Red

Providing vital nutrients to your bird’s diet is important for breeding success. Quiko Canthaxanthin Intensive Red is a vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for canaries with the Red Factor. It contains canthaxanthin, a carotenoid that promotes vibrant plumage and intensifies the red coloring of the bird’s plumage. The perfect balance of vitamins and minerals makes this product ideal for all birds with the Red Factor, including those in the breeding stage.

Intensive Red is available as a powder or mixed with fresh drinking water. Mix one level scoop of powder with one ounce of Egg Food and one ounce of water and offer to your bird throughout the day. Change the mix daily and store in a cool, dry place to ensure freshness. It’s best to use Quiko Canthaxanthin Intensive Red exclusively with your pet birds.

Special Red

Quiko Special Red Egg Food Supplement provides nutrients your canary needs to have a vibrant red coloration. This supplement is a blend of real dried egg, white millet, sesame seeds, and honey. It also contains canthaxanthin, an essential pigment that enhances the red coloration of your Canary. This 1.2 lb bottle also contains vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of canthaxanthin and is made in Germany.

Quiko Special Red is a natural supplement that can be sprinkled over normal daily food sources, or mixed with water or juice to form a moist crumble. The powder is stored for up to a week, so you can give your bird a fresh treat when it’s time. You can also make a meal ahead of time and refrigerate the leftovers. It contains vitamin A, riboflavin, and biotin.


The use of Quiko Canthaxanthin and Carophyll is an excellent complementary food for birds with a red factor. This product combines canthaxanthin with carophyll to improve red colouring in various species of birds. It is made in Germany and is an excellent addition to your bird’s food. You can feed your bird this supplement in their egg food or in their drinking water.

In order to give your bird the optimal amount of Quiko canthaxanthin and carotene, you can add one level teaspoon per two kilograms of food. In general, a bird requires one level teaspoon per 2kg of food. However, you should use small amounts during the entire year in order to maintain the best plumage color. The amount of carophyll in the DSM mix is 10%, while the amount of canthaxanthin is 20%.

Vitamin supplement

Quiko Intensive Red is a vitamin and mineral supplement that contains canthaxanthin, a natural pigment that promotes vibrant plumage and intensifies red coloring in canaries. This formula contains the ideal balance of vitamins and minerals for breeding and red factor canaries. It also contains other essential vitamins and minerals for the health and well-being of your bird. This formula is safe for all your canaries, whether they are young or mature.

Vitamin supplement with Quiko canthaxanthin is available in convenient 1.2 oz bottle. The product is very easy to serve and contains essential vitamins and minerals for your Canary’s daily diet. It also promotes vibrant red plumage by supporting the health of the feathers and immune system. This 1.2 oz bottle also contains a small dose of vitamin A, which is beneficial for red factor canaries.

Egg food

A high-quality egg food supplement can enhance your bird’s plumage. Quiko’s formulated egg food contains canthaxanthin, which helps canaries develop vivid red coloration. It also contains vitamins and essential amino acids. It contains ingredients such as a dried egg product, wheat flour, sugar, dehulled soybean meal, and vitamin D3 supplement. A small amount of vitamin B12 supplement is also included in the formula.

In order to get enough canthaxanthin in your bird’s diet, you need to offer variety to its diet. Unfortified seed diets and pellets are low in protein and vitamin content. Adding eggs to your bird’s diet boosts protein and vitamin levels. Quiko Special Red uses real egg protein and has high bioavailability, meaning the nutrients are available to the bird’s digestive system easily.