Rae Dunn Dog Food Container

Reuseable tote designed by Rae Dunn that’s ideal for holding pet supplies such as food, toys, collars and leashes is designed to fit in mudrooms, laundry rooms or closets with its removable fabric liner for machine washing – and designed in keeping with Japanese art of Wabi Sabi (using natural materials combined with industrial simplicity while being personalized through her signature font.)

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This container measures 9.75 inches wide by 8 inches tall and 6 inches deep and can be used to store any number of items – including food and treats for dogs. Constructed from high-grade material that’s sturdy yet portable.

Choose your perfect shade to complete the decor of your home. Crafted of wood and metal construction, this basket organizer comes equipped with carrying handles and is an excellent gift idea for pet parents.

This jar is inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, which emphasizes finding beauty in simple forms and natural elements. This particular design recalls ocean waves for an impressive piece that is easy to read while remaining clean. Plus, its sleek silhouette allows for convenient storage!


Rae Dunn offers this large pet storage bin constructed from metal and wood for convenient pet parents to use for toys, treats, leashes, collars, food, medications and more – perfect as a great present to bring to pet parents! Featuring an eye-catching paw print design for cats and dogs alike. Plus it comes equipped with convenient carry handles! This bin makes an excellent addition to any household! It even makes an ideal present!

RAE DUNN’S SIGNATURE FONT: This basket features Rae Dunn’s iconic font for a truly customized touch. Each letter is cut using a Cricut machine before being attached to its respective container using tape or glue.

This dog food container crafted of rustic wood and metal construction is both stylish and practical, featuring an eye-catching paw print design and acorn embellishments. Additionally, there’s an easy carry handle on top and a spillproof lid; easily cleaned using damp cloth if spills occur – an essential addition to any modern farmhouse home!


With its clean, rustic design and durable metal and wooden accents construction, this pet storage basket is an excellent way to organize everyday items belonging to both cats and dogs. Convenient carrying handles make this product suitable for storage of toys, food bowls, collars and leashes as well as cat litter bags or scoops.

California-based designer Rae Dunn is well-known for her minimalist aesthetics and work that draws upon Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, which celebrates imperfection, incompleteness and flaws. Her ceramics add farmhouse design elements to your home; her collection of dog dishes includes various shapes and sizes of dishes with words such as “Eat”, “Drink” or “Nibble”, double bowls to accommodate different feeding times as well as multiple color options – most being white with black printing.


This pet storage basket measures 9.75″ x 8″ x 6″. Crafted of high-grade galvanized metal and solid wood with paw print detailing, its premium materials and rustic farmhouse-inspired style make this storage basket the ideal complement to any room in your home. With convenient carrying handles allowing easy transporting capabilities, it makes this pet storage basket the ideal way to clear space for pet toys, leashes, collars, food snacks animal medications or any other essentials in one convenient place.

Rae Dunn Pet Storage Basket is an excellent gift idea for any dog or cat parent looking to cut down on clutter in their homes. Featuring a heartwarming message of love and devotion, its classic font adds personal character that completes its simple beauty. Delicate yet bold; grounded yet alluring: this collection celebrates artistry and craftsmanship!