Range Cubes For Cattle

range cubes for cattle

To feed their cattle a supplement without adding salt to the ration, producers are using range cubes made by Rayeman Elements. These tubs contain the nutrient-rich compound in a concentration that limits the supplement’s intake to two pounds per day. Rayeman sells the supplement in one-ton totes, but it plans to expand into smaller bags that producers can handle. The company also hopes to sell its technology to ethanol plants to make range cubes on-site.

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MFA range cubes

MFA range cubes for cattle provide a convenient method to provide nutrients to cows. They include essential nutrients such as urea, distillers grains, field peas, and wheat midds. Depending on the type of cattle and nutrition needs, producers can select from a variety of cubes. For example, Pittman and McNiel recommend feeding 4-5 pounds of range cubes per head per day.

These patented products contain high-quality ingredients, which are highly digestible. In addition to being easy to feed, MFA cubes can prevent rumen issues and promote younger and healthier calves. They also reduce the number of competitors in a herd, which can be a problem when feeding a variety of diets. MFA cubes for cattle are packaged in convenient blocks that are easy to transport and handle.

Producer’s Pride 20 percent

The voluntary recall of Producer’s Pride 20 percent range cube for cattle was issued by Purina Animal Nutrition due to a product hazard. The product was sold at 39 Tractor Supply Company locations in Florida and Georgia, and contains 20 percent crude protein. Cattle owners can feed the cube to their cattle on the ground or in feeders. This product is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Cattle breeders can feed their cattle a cube daily, and the cubes are formulated to provide balanced energy and protein while helping to balance forage quality.

Typical ingredients in range cubes include distillers grains, wheat midds, field peas, and urea. Some cubes are higher in vitamin A and calcium than others. The amount of each ingredient varies with the cost of the raw materials. Most manufacturers will combine products that are most readily available to ensure the cube retains its integrity. In addition, producers should test their feed for deficiencies before adding range cubes to it.

Cattle Breeder 20 percent

Cattle Breeder 20 percent range cube provides high energy, good fat, vitamins, and minerals. These cubes are especially useful in the winter and during breedback. A variety of rations is available for beef cattle, ranging from two to six pounds per day. Feeding cattle high-quality roughage is an essential part of keeping cattle healthy and productive. Cubes are available in 3/4″ size and can be fed to cattle in bulk.

Producers may use range cubes to supplement cattle diets, addressing a nutritional shortage. These cubes contain urea, wheat midds, field peas, and distillers grains to meet nutritional requirements. The ingredients in range cubes are based on the cost of the raw materials, but producers should check their current diets for deficiency before adding range cubes.

Fossil Rim 20 percent

For optimal results, feed your cattle 20% Range & Breeder Cube. This high-energy pellet provides a rich source of protein, low fiber, and added vitamins and minerals. Feeding cubes helps your cows maintain their weight and condition, especially during periods of drought. Many producers choose to feed poor quality forage without a protein supplement or cheap protein cubes that contain feather meal and other junk fillers. Using cubes can help you avoid these issues and increase your profits.

When feeding your cattle in the field, Fossil Rim 20% Range Cubes are not fossilized. Instead, these pellets have a higher protein content than conventional forages. Despite the name, these pellets are not fossilized, but they do have the potential to provide more protein and energy than conventional feeds. For those with a diversified diet, Fossil Rim 20 percent Range Cubes may be the perfect solution.

Ranch Hand(r) 20 percent

RangeLand Protein Tubs are free-choice supplements for beef cattle fed on forages. This cooking molasses-based feed enhances forage intake and reduces labor. Tubs are made from recyclable ClearView plastic, which enables cattle to easily see the amount of feed in the tub. Cattle can also smell the feed and eat if they are accustomed to it.