Buying Range Cubes For Cows

range cubes for cows

Among the most popular range feed products, range cubes for cows are the most cost-effective way to provide energy to a herd. However, they are not the only option. If you are considering buying one, here are some things to consider. Listed below are a few examples. You may also like:

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Rayeman Elements

Providing a sustainable alternative to ethanol, Rayeman Elements has developed a patented technology that makes the most of a by-product of ethanol production: DDGs. By dehydrating the DDGs, the company is able to compress them into range cubes for cows. Thanks to this technology, the company has been able to increase production times and decrease their environmental footprint while delivering a high-quality feed for cows.

Unlike other feeds, range cubes are less likely to crumble during transport. While it’s true that conventional feeds can lose up to 60% of their content during transit, REI’s technology allows for up to three times the amount of DDG to be packed in one shipping container. This is beneficial for producers because shipping containers often reach their weight limit before space limit. And because of their bulk-densified composition, they can be handled much easier than loose grain.

Pioneer Trail Energy Corporation

Pioneer Trail Energy Corporation offers a variety of feedstuffs for cattle, including range cubes. The products are made from distillers grains, which is a by-product of ethanol production. The company’s research and development department is testing various ways to compress feedstuffs, including tubs of compressed DDGs. Ultimately, the company hopes to sell its technology to ethanol plants that would produce feed cubes for cows.

Traditional feeds have several drawbacks, including binders and fillers, which cause the product to fall apart. This leads to a poor feeding experience for your cattle, and your profits can suffer as a result. Pioneer Trail Energy Corporation offers range cubes for cows, a high-protein feed supplement that provides 38-41% natural protein. These cubes are intended for use by beef cattle on forages that are not digestible during the winter.

MasterHand Milling

If you’re looking for a way to increase your cows’ summer gain, try using MasterHand Milling range cubes. This patented formula is packed with energy, protein, and phosphorus. These products also minimize the need for expensive minerals. And, they’re available in single and double-wall constructions. And, they help you build more profit. These products are available in several different varieties, including the popular Country Lane.

Made from distillers grains, these premium products have a great taste. They have an incredible protein content, and are palatable for cows. With the added benefits of no molasses and no binders, they are also more digestible than other supplements. This makes them an excellent choice for ranchers, and cattle producers can buy them in fifty-pound bags or 2000-pound totes.

Cattle Breeder 20 Cubes

Country Acres Ranch Hand 20-cube cattle feed is a supplementary diet for cattle on pasture. Its high energy and protein content make it the perfect choice for cattle owners who want to provide their livestock with the maximum amount of nutrition. The product is also well formulated to meet the nutritional needs of both adults and young calves. You can feed the cattle two pounds of feed per head per day. Cattle Breeder 20-cubes are available in 3/4-inch cubes and can be purchased in bulk for maximum savings.

MFA cubes have been designed to prevent rumen problems and improve cow health. The cubes contain high-quality ingredients that promote better digestion in the rumen. This feed also promotes younger and healthier calves, as well as healthier cows at calving. They are also easy to feed and eliminate competition among herds. Cattle Breeder 20 Cubes can be used in both beef and dairy cattle and can save you time and money.

NutreBeef(r) Cubes

Range cubes are a convenient way for producers to supplement their cows’ diets and feeds. They can provide the cattle with essential nutrients, including urea, wheat midds, field peas, and distillers grains. Because of the variety of ingredients, range cubes can suit a variety of cattle nutrition needs. Producers can choose which cubes contain the nutrients they need and which ones are not.

NutreBeef 20% Cattle Breeder Cubes are a cost-effective supplement to hay and can be grazed by foraging cattle. Designed for cattle in various feeding stages, NutreBeef cattle cubes can help improve body condition and milk production. Cattle cubes are recommended for all breeds of cattle, from calves to breeding cows, and are easy to handle. They also contain calcium, manganese sulfate, and vitamin A supplements.

Ranch Hand(r) Cubes

Ranch Hand(r) Cattle Cubes provide your cattle with essential nutrients in a form they can easily graze. These cube-compressed large products support various feeding conditions and provide consistent nutrition in every piece. In addition to providing essential nutrients, they also help improve body condition and milk production. These supplemental products are available for every stage of breeding and provide additional protein and energy when required.

In addition to their conventional grazing practices, Ebel’s operation includes 360 acres of overgrazed pastures. They use rotational grazing, prescribed burns, and winter “trample planting.” Ebel distributes cubes on the planting site one to four times in winter, depending on the soil moisture. The hoof action of the cattle helps mix the surface litter. For best results, use a cube feeder.