Range Feeder For Cattle

range feeder for cattle

A good range feeder for cattle is made with a heavy-duty polyethylene plastic body and a locking lid. It eliminates the need for metal legs and allows you to easily adjust the feed level directly from the body. These feeders can handle up to 300 lbs. of feed. If you don’t have the room for a metal stand, you can easily adjust the feed level with the sliding lid. The locking lid also keeps the feed from blowing out of the feeder.

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Hastings Kattle Kaker

The Hastings Kattle-Kaker range feeder for cattle is a versatile feed system that allows you to safely and conveniently feed pasture livestock from a pickup truck. This system is constructed of 18 gauge galvanized steel and features a 16″ x 33″ fill opening. You can feed cattle from the truck without the need to remove the cab. With a spring loaded gate, you can feed the livestock safely and conveniently from the cab.

T&S Trip Hopper

Berend Bros. offers T&S Trip Hopper range feeder for cattle in many different capacities. These feeders are built to be mounted on a truck or a trailer, and they can handle 300 lb to 3000 lb cubes. The feeders are versatile, with options for feeding individual cubes or feeding in a constant stream. They also come with cab mounted switches, allowing the operator to adjust the amount of feed given to each animal.

Hastings LSF-4

The Hastings LSF-4 automatic range feeder for cattle is a convenient and affordable system that feeds eight to twelve heads of livestock. With a programmable audio signal, it delivers precise levels of nutrition to livestock. Using two LSF-12 systems simultaneously can feed up to 24 cattle. These solar-powered feeders are perfect for cow-calf operations, working ranches, seed stock production, and small acreage producers.

Hanen LSF-12

A variety of options are available with the Hanen LSF-12 range feeder for cattle. This feeder is programmable to automatically feed your livestock at the appropriate level for their needs. You can set the feeder to provide six feedings daily. An audio feeding signal encourages orderly approach to the feeder, which helps to improve your operation’s efficiency. The audio feeding signal also encourages calmer animals. This feeder will make your life easier by reducing stress and frustration for both you and your livestock.

Patriot Cake Feeder

This versatile cake feeder is a great option for feeding livestock from the cab of your pickup truck. With its large bin, measuring 16″ x 33″, you can easily and safely feed your livestock. With its spring-loaded dispensing gate, you can safely feed your cattle and other livestock without having to get out of the cab. It also features a safety valve to prevent accidental spills. A sturdy construction makes this cake feeder durable and rust-free.

Paton’s range feeder

A Paton range feeder for cattle is a versatile piece of livestock equipment. Designed for large, adult cattle, the Paton range feeder offers a wide profile and head room to accommodate even the largest stock. Its full anti-rub cage keeps large stock from damaging the feeder, while separating bulls during group feeding. This durable feeder also features two separate 2400mm troughs with the signature Paton lick doors. Depending on the size of your livestock, you can adjust the trough’s width from closed to open using the supplied spanner.