Raw Dog Food Brands

raw dog food brands

Frozen raw food brands provide the convenience of having meals prepared and delivered directly to you, using stringent quality standards to minimize pathogen risk. They even utilize high-pressure pasteurization (HPP).

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Vital Essentials has seven frozen raw food formulas with zero deductions for ingredient quality or safety, including meat-based formulas containing bone and organ meats as well as vegetables and natural supplements.


Raw Paws

Raw Paws makes transitioning to raw diet easy for both your dog and yourself! Their selection of frozen foods, treats and supplements makes switching simple while their freeze-dried treats make training simpler with no sticky residue left behind in either your pocket or on the ground.

Food from This is Home is prepared in small batches from locally sourced meats, and shipped out frozen in eco-friendly foam coolers with plenty of dry ice for cooling purposes. Their complete formulas aim to replicate your pet’s ancestral diet, with whole meats, bones and organs combined into their complete formulas.

Their website is easy to navigate, offering comprehensive guidance on feeding raw diets to pets. Plus, their subscription program makes obtaining quality foods affordable – offering easy access to high-quality raw diets for dogs and cats alike!


Darwin’s is a home-delivery raw food company with 17 years of experience. They offer two distinct lines: Natural Selections and ZooLogics. Natural Selections is a premium raw dog food featuring 75% meat and 25% vegetables from New Zealand and Australia sourced via cage-free farms, alongside free-range eggs, organic vegetables, cod liver oil and flaxseed oil oils as ingredients.

ZooLogics line of food offers more economical solutions, using conventionally grown vegetables and meats in 2 lb packs that contain four patties each. The company suggests lightly cooking this food for 8 to 10 minutes to reduce pathogen risk.

The company provides a straightforward ordering process: just enter your pet’s weight and zip code for easy ordering, select from available menu plans, set recurring deliveries that can be cancelled or adjusted before shipment and select dry ice packaging to ship all orders to you in insulated boxes.

Raw Wild

Raw Wild is an American company with an approachable, straightforward raw dog food offering. Their flagship recipe features high-protein raw elk and deer meat from Rocky Mountain West that’s been ground lightly to achieve an extremely palatable texture that meets Association of American Feed Control Official standards for complete and balanced meals for all life stages.

Food that’s free from growth hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, and preservatives as well as low in carbohydrates makes for an ideal diet plan for overweight pets attempting to shed excess weight.

Raw Wild offers an easy online ordering system and generous money-back guarantees, as well as several useful resources such as its pet food calculator and blog. Customers can access information regarding their shipments and order history by creating an account on its website.

We Feed Raw

For those short on time or overwhelmed by mess, consider weFeed Raw’s food delivery service. They specialize in vet-approved, nutritionally balanced raw meals that adhere to the BARF system (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), which recommends 60-82% of your dog’s diet be comprised of meat, bones and organs.

This company creates its own patties and “nuggets,” including chicken, turkey, beef, lamb + emu + turkeyducken as well as ground-up raw food for those who prefer feeding the prey model.

Darwin’s made Marshall’s list of favorites. Their experts create meal plans tailored specifically for your pup based on a comprehensive questionnaire that takes into account size, age, breed, health issues and allergies of each pet. All their raw food uses minimally processed human grade meats which are grass-fed and cage-free. All products undergo microbe screening tests as part of ensuring they remain safe and sanitary before being delivered nationwide.