Primal Raw Dog Food Review

primal raw dog food

Raw diets provide your dog with the most natural and nutritionally sound diet option available, and this brand offers safe BARF food formulas made with premium ingredients.

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All protein sources from Petcurean are free from steroids and antibiotics, while they also add vitamins to ensure your pup receives all the nutrition he or she requires for growth and development.



Primal utilizes only fresh, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, fish, poultry and game, along with organic vegetables, fruits, unrefined vitamins, and minerals sourced directly from nature to develop recipes which resemble your dog or cat’s natural wild diet and improve digestion, bone and joint health.

All ingredients are ground to an acceptable level before going through HPP (high pressure processing) that kills off harmful bacteria such as salmonella. After HPP processing, food products undergo third-party testing before reaching stores.

Pronto Formula’s frozen and freeze-dried formulas are safe, convenient, and simple to feed. Crafted with premium proteins from USDA organic fruits and vegetables as well as gluten, grain, legume, and shelf stable recipes without the need for thawing; simply scoop and serve! Their website also provides more details regarding product safety while their loyalty program lets you buy 12 bags and get one free.


Primal provides a range of recipes designed to meet the dietary needs of different pets. All their foods feature fresh meat and poultry free from steroids and antibiotics, organic vegetables and fruits as well as finely ground beef bones to provide ample calcium as well as cold-water salmon oil as a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Food produced at these facilities undergoes stringent inspections and meets national standards. Furthermore, all their ingredients undergo HPP processing which kills off 99% of pathogens present in them.

This company’s products contain above-average protein levels and below-average fat contents, but are higher than average in carbohydrates relative to other raw dog food brands. Furthermore, their freeze-dried nuggets tend to disassemble while in transit and make portion control a challenge; though fairly expensive for canine or feline clients.


Primal Pet Foods provides a range of raw foods for dogs and cats, such as formulas, mixes, grinds and bones. Their recipes are prepared in FDA-approved facilities that use temperature control systems. Primal’s raw foods use only high quality meat that has never been administered antibiotics or steroids along with certified organic produce, herbs and unrefined nutritional supplements in their production processes.

The company uses USDA-approved facilities for their dry kibble products. No artificial dyes or preservatives are used, while all their recipes are gluten-free with no grain fillers used in their recipes.

Primal stands out from other raw dog food brands with its use of high-pressure processing (HPP) for proteins. While HPP processing may cause denatured proteins and kill off beneficial bacteria found in raw foods, Primal could improve their packaging so it would be easier for customers to measure out an accurate amount for their pets.


Primal Raw is a brand of raw food products designed to offer pet parents a complete, well-balanced diet without needing to grind, mix or cook their own food. Primal Raw uses high quality and nutritious ingredients and offers various protein options within each of its recipes.

Ingredients used by this company come from local ranchers who provide antibiotic and hormone-free meats, poultry and game, certified organic produce and unrefined vitamins and minerals sourced directly from nature – processed under high pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Raw beef provides excellent levels of amino and essential fatty acids, followed by sweet potatoes as a high-fiber source of vitamins and minerals, then finally ginger as an antioxidant-rich source. Finally, freeze-dried nuggets make the product easy for dogs to rehydrate for easy consumption with excellent customer reviews! This formula offers excellent levels of nutrition.