Raw Dog Food Suppliers

Frozen raw dog food suppliers provide complete meals that are ready-to-feed, including premium lines of free-range meats, budget-conscious ingredients for budget feeders and special formulas designed to address specific health conditions.

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These foods are freeze-dried into soft nuggets that are easily rehydrated with water, broth or goat milk – an ideal option for traveling and eliminating the need to pack perishable foods in coolers.


Natural Selections

Darwin’s Pet offers an assortment of raw food products. Their Natural Selections recipes consist of approximately 75% raw meat and crushed bone combined with 25% vegetables; all products are antibiotic-free, free-range, cage-free or grass-fed and contain no grain fillers, chemical preservatives or hormones; they also include omega oils to support healthy skin and coat conditions as well as vitamin and mineral blends to provide additional support.

These foods are frozen and insulated to remain fresh and safe for delivery, and come in chicken, duck, turkey, lamb and beef flavors with various sizes available for purchase. In addition, BioLogic Raw Food provides more cost-effective raw food options with conventionally grown meats and vegetables for economical dining needs.

No matter their health status, raw diets provide energy and good health benefits that may even prevent problems later. They help digestion while potentially helping them avoid serious ailments in future.


Raw Paws Pet Food provides raw food blends made with free-range meats, organic vegetables and wild-caught mackerel that is free from antibiotics, fillers, additives or preservatives. Their complete raw diet comes in chicken, turkey and beef options; additionally they have specialty raw foods available to support specific health conditions, such as their KS Kidney Support Formula (KSSF), LS Liver Support Formula and CS Cancer Support Formula.

The company suggests feeding your dog a raw food diet similar to what wild-living dogs would consume, known as a “prey model.” This diet should consist of 60 to 80% muscle meat (including poultry necks, wings and backs), 10-20% bones and 20-30% organ meat like liver or heart; along with nuts and seeds which provide vitamins minerals and omega fatty acids – and should include nuts for texture variation and Omega 3s! All meals delivered fresh directly to your door!

Intelligent Design

Recently, Charles Darwin’s explanation of evolution through natural selection has come under attack by intelligent design theory. Many newspapers, magazines and broadcast media have run stories suggesting that intelligent design is simply creationism repackaged by religious fundamentalists to circumvent an 1987 Supreme Court ruling against teaching creationism in public schools.

Darwin’s produces raw dog food using meat from ethical farms across the US and New Zealand. Their line of “Non-Thermal” foods features chicken, rabbit, quail and beef options with high animal protein levels for high animal nutrition levels. Furthermore, they offer special veterinary formulas designed specifically to address health issues in dogs.

This company offers raw diets designed specifically for your Mutt, presented as freeze dried patties that need to be rehydrated before serving. All of their recipes have been developed under the supervision of a PhD animal nutritionist and contain ingredients which meet or surpass human food standards. They also offer “Raw Boost” recipes that can be mixed into existing dog kibble diets for even more variety!

Raw Wild

Raw Wild offers an assortment of food, treats and toppers made with freshly named meats from North America, New Zealand and Europe. Their products boast above-average protein, fat and carb levels while being free from plant-based protein boosters and added sugars. Furthermore, Raw Wild offers chelated minerals which have been chemically attached to protein molecules in order to make them easier for absorption; their recipe also contains sodium selenite as an alternative to more natural forms like selenium yeast.

Raw frozen and freeze-dried food by Pet Food Express follows an ALPHA Prey Model diet designed to replicate how carnivores hunt their prey in nature, including choice cuts of meat, vital organs and bones that your pet was designed to consume. Many pet owners report improved coats, skin and breath as well as reduced fecal odor since switching their pet to raw feedings.