Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets

primal freeze dried nuggets

Primal freeze-dried formulas are a great way to get the benefits of the raw food diet without the hassle of grinding ingredients yourself. The ingredients are fresh and human grade. Plus, they are antibiotic and steroid-free. This means that you can eat them with complete confidence.

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Primal freeze dried nuggets are made with real chicken, fish, and other protein sources. They are produced in USA and New Zealand on ranches using sustainable agriculture methods. Other ingredients include organic vegetables, fish oil, quinoa, coconut oil, and zinc sulfate.

These raw foods are made with wholesome, natural ingredients that mimic the diet of our canine friends in the wild. Each of these meals is formulated to provide optimal nutrition and support a high quality of life. These ingredients are rich in protein and other essential nutrients. You can use primal freeze dried nuggets as a nutritional supplement or full-time feeding program for your dog.

Primal freeze dried formulas are a convenient, healthy way to feed your pup a complete Raw diet. This food is shelf-stable, making it ideal for busy owners who do not have the time to prepare meals from scratch.


Primal freeze dried nuggets are a great way to provide your dog with an endless variety of healthy foods. These nuggets are made with real meat, the first ingredient, as well as supplemental vegetables and organs. The rabbit nuggets, for example, are made with rabbit.

Primal freeze dried nuggets are available in several flavors. They are ideal for use as a meal or as a kibble topper. They are also made with high-quality, organic ingredients and can be rehydrated with water, bone broth, or raw goat milk.

Primal freeze dried nuggets come in beef and chicken varieties. The chicken variety is softer and flakier than the beef variety. Once you’ve selected the flavor of Primal freeze dried nuggets, make sure to rehydrate it with water, about 1/4 cup per four pieces. This step is crucial in ensuring that your dog can absorb the nutrients from the frozen nuggets.

Primal freeze dried nuggets taste great, and are an excellent nutritional supplement or full-time feeding option. The meat and organs used in Primal freeze-dried nuggets are hormone and antibiotic-free. The meat in Primal freeze-dried nuggots contains natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Nutritional profile

Primal freeze dried nuggets are a healthy, grain-free alternative for your dog. They contain the benefits of a raw diet without the grain. These frozen meals are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for canine diets. While they contain less fat than other dry dog foods, they still contain beneficial moisture that your pet will appreciate. In addition, they contain essential fatty acids and natural enzymes.

Primal freeze dried nuggets are also available in a raw version. This option is designed for both larger and smaller dogs. Unlike dry dog food, it doesn’t require messy preparation. It is made with high-quality meat and vegetables and is species-appropriate. You can rehydrate the food by adding water or your favorite dog broth.

Primal freeze-dried nuggets are convenient and easy to prepare. They can be sprinkled on your dog’s food for a quick snack or as a treat. They’re also shelf-stable, meaning you won’t have to worry about spoilage or rancid food.


Primal freeze dried nuggets are a convenient way to feed your dog a raw, nutrient-rich diet. They are shelf-stable and made from the same ingredients as their fresh counterpart. You can easily store these nuggets in your pantry for easy access. They taste delicious, too!

Primal freeze-dried nuggets are easy to crush between your fingers. The beef variety is slightly harder to crush. After crushing, you should refresh the nuggets with one-fourth of a cup of water. This process is important because your dog needs moisture to absorb the nutrients.

Primal freeze-dried nuggets are made from organic ingredients and responsibly-sourced proteins. The food is free of synthetic vitamins and is shelf-stable. They can be stored in your pantry for up to five days. It’s best to serve this food within 5 days.