Royal Canin Husky Dog Food

royal canin husky

Royal Canin’s dog food has been designed with great care to meet the nutritional needs of dogs of all sizes, ages, and species. Each diet provides antioxidants, nutrients, fiber, prebiotics and minerals in balanced quantities for maximum benefit to your pup!

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This food is designed to satisfy your Husky’s appetite and increase muscle strength, with its blend of proteins and carbohydrates providing energy. Furthermore, key nutrients help support healthy bones and joints for optimum results.



Royal Canin produces pet foods and treats for animals of all ages, sizes, breeds and stages of development. Their selection includes specialty diets tailored specifically to your animal.

Puppies need an abundance of protein to stay fuelled throughout their active lives, and this food supplies them with an ample supply. Made with chicken meal and fat as well as beef meal, along with plenty of fish oil plus glucosamine and chondroitin to provide sustained energy production and support development.

Kibble designed specifically to fit the muzzle and teeth of German Shepherds makes chewing enjoyable for your big, athletic pup! Highly digestible proteins and fibers support digestive health while EPA and DHA from fish oil support skin and coat health while glucosamine and chondroitin support joint health for an active life!


Royal Canin offers dry dog food and canned food made with turkey that contains fish and vegetable oils for omega fatty acid supplementation, fiber from psyllium seed husks and beet pulp, biotin to promote strong nails, prebiotics to aid healthy digestion and biotin to support strong nails.

intensive turkey farms often overcrowd birds to the point where they cannot access food and water and experience heat stress, leading to feather-pecking and cannibalism as well as aggressive behavior from some animals – forcing farmers to resort to using drugs in order to curb this behavior.

Once turkeys are ready for slaughter they are suspended upside down on shackle lines and stunned using CO2 or electrical stunnng in a water bath, which can cause significant pain and distress for the birds. Some may regain consciousness before their neck veins and arteries are cut in order to ensure death by blood loss.


Lamb is a staple in many cultures. As a lean meat source, lamb contains minimal cholesterol, saturated fats and monounsaturates while providing high amounts of protein and niacin; plus it provides ample amounts of iron.

Most lamb sold in stores is USDA-inspected and graded for quality, typically Prime or Choice grades. Cull and lower quality grades tend to be used primarily as ground lamb or processed meat products.

When cooking raw lamb, make sure it reaches an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees F as measured with a food thermometer, to ensure any bacteria have been eliminated. Thawing times in the refrigerator range from one to two days for stew meat or ground lamb cuts and roasts and up to five days in cases with bone-in cuts or roasts.


Royal Canin is a pet food manufacturer known for crafting tailored formulas to address specific breeds’ individual dietary requirements. While they have earned a strong reputation for research, their selection of ingredients may raise some concerns.

Royal Canin’s small dog food contains animal by-product meal as its primary source of protein, making them less costly but still low quality. Blue Buffalo, on the other hand, uses high quality meat as their first ingredient and then adds nutritional supplements such as kale and cranberries for increased overall nutritional value. Both companies have experienced recall issues; Royal Canin has had more recall issues than Blue Buffalo.


Husky dog food should contain high protein levels to meet their energy demands. Furthermore, fiber helps promote digestive health. Finally, an ideal diet would include plenty of vegetables and fruits along with fish, flaxseed oil and canola oils as these species thrive off of energy!

Royal Canin manufactures an assortment of dog foods designed to treat specific diseases or age groups. Their products are produced at manufacturing facilities around the globe and they offer many choices to pet owners.

Their products are highly respected among pet parents, and they also offer dog insurance to cover treatment costs. Furthermore, this company produces hydrolysed diets, which break down proteins into smaller molecules less likely to trigger allergies in canines.