Royal Canin Treats Review

royal canin treats

Royal Canin is an affordable pet food provider for dogs that provides tailor-made nutrition that addresses specific health issues like urinary tract or skin concerns. Their products have also been specifically developed to support canine athletes.

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Food created specifically to meet the dietary needs of various breeds, sizes, and life stages is available from them as well as prescription diets that require approval by a veterinarian.


Veterinary Diet

Royal Canin offers an extensive range of therapeutic diet formulas backed by science to meet your pet’s individual nutritional requirements as determined by your veterinarian. Their veterinary diets come in the form of dry kibble, wet food and even treats!

As one example, their URINARY SO formula can help promote your dog’s urinary health and may help reduce formation of struvite and calcium oxalate stones as well as dissolve existing ones, helping prevent their reappearance in future years. Furthermore, this diet contains less magnesium than others from this line, potentially making it better suited to dogs with recurring bladder issues.

This diet uses limited amounts of meats and meat byproduct meals as its protein sources, while including easily-digested chelated minerals that may aid absorption. Unfortunately, we are concerned with its use of sodium selenite – a form of selenium which has been controversial as potentially toxic to animals – although we understand it’s typically avoided in prescription pet foods; additionally we note it contains more carbohydrates than average dry kibble.

Specialty Formulas

Royal Canin understands that every pet has individual nutritional requirements. Their veterinary diet food offers solutions to common health concerns like skin reactions and digestive issues while also helping prevent future issues from emerging.

For example, the gastrointestinal low fat formula features reduced amounts of fat to reduce inflammation in your pet’s digestive tract and facilitate easier food digestion. Meanwhile, hydrolyzed protein HP formula offers relief to dogs with sensitive stomachs by pre-processing proteins so they are less likely to elicit an immune system reaction in your dog or cat.

Urinary SO formula from Royal Canin provides a healthier environment for bladders and urinary tracts by decreasing formation of calcium oxalate stones or crystals, according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. Furthermore, Educ is also available as an incredibly calming, low-calorie reward to use during behavioral training – it contains essential vitamins and minerals which support overall nutrition of your pet!

Breed-Specific Formulas

Royal Canin is an acclaimed pet food manufacturer known for providing customized foods tailored specifically for breeds, sizes, ages and health concerns of different dog breeds and sizes. Their emphasis is placed on tailored nutrition with scientific methodology and close partnerships with veterinarians so their dogs are receiving all of the essential nutrients for optimal health.

Formulas tailored specifically to breed sizes – from giant breeds to smaller varieties – to maintain healthy weight, bone structure, and joint health are available from this company. In addition, specific ingredients, like prebiotics and dietary fibers can promote gut health and help minimize digestive upset.

Therapeutic diets available through veterinarians are designed to address specific health conditions, such as digestive or skin allergies. These diets typically feature limited ingredient lists with hydrolyzed protein or other high-quality, easily digestible proteins to promote healing.

Wet Food

Royal Canin offers an expansive selection of dog and cat foods designed to suit varying breed sizes, health conditions and life stages. Their therapeutic diet offerings also complement what many veterinarians prescribe as therapeutic diets for specific medical conditions in pets.

This food is a kibble and features moderate levels of named meat-based proteins and high grain content (except barley ). We note the use of generic vegetable oil which adds protein but may not provide as many nutritional benefits compared to more specialized plant fat sources such as sunflower or soybean oil. Furthermore, sodium selenite may not provide as much natural selenium than its more organic form found in selenium yeast.

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition products feature recipes tailored specifically for each breed of dog including giant breed, large breed, medium breed and small breed dogs. This food has earned The Advisor’s mid-tier rating.