Royal Canin Professional Review

royal canin professional

Royal canin professional is a diet specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of adult show dogs. It is a complete food that combines all the essential nutrients in a highly palatable form.

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It has been especially formulated for the working dogs of large breeds, such as the American Labrador and Great Dane. It is high in protein and has ingredients that support muscle adaptability and improved performance.



Royal canin professional is a European-based company that produces a range of high-quality dry dog and cat food. The company specializes in specialized recipes, developed for different ages, weights and sizes.

The brand is primarily distributed through pet store specialists and veterinarians, avoiding competition from lower-priced pet foods available at supermarkets. The company also markets veterinary-approved diets for special health conditions and breed-specific food for breeders.

Royal canin professional offers more than four times as many adult formulas as Purina Pro Plan. These include kibble picks for small pups all the way up to big dogs, along with breed-specific options.


Royal canin professional offers a wide variety of kibbles for dogs of all sizes and lifestyles. From extra small dogs to giant doggos, every size has its own unique dietary needs and therapeutic conditions that can be addressed by a specialized formula.

For example, smaller dogs need more energy than larger ones, so a high protein diet with chicken fat can be helpful for these tiny pups. And they may need more nutrient support for their bones and joints, so a formulated diet with glucosamine and chondroitin can help them stay healthy.

In addition, Royal Canin has a wide variety of low fat foods for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. These diets are professionally prescribed and include ingredients like brewer’s rice and wheat that are less likely to cause a stomach upset. They’re also a good option for dogs with inflammatory bowel disease.


Founded in 1966, royal canin professional is a French pet food company that develops and produces dry foods for cats and dogs. The company’s main goal is to deliver “true nutrition” for dogs and cats, recognizing their specific needs at different stages of their lives.

To do this, the company focuses on developing diets that provide the right balance of proteins (amino acids), fats (fatty acids), carbohydrates and minerals and trace elements. This helps cats and dogs maintain their optimal body condition.

As a Royal Canin professional, you’ll work on the research and development of breed- and symptom-specific nutritional products. You’ll also assist with sales and marketing.

You can choose to work remotely, depending on your location and availability. Regardless of where you’re working, the Royal Canin culture is health-obsessed and collaborative. The company often seeks bilingual applicants and offers world-class onboarding for new hires. You’ll be part of a team of passionate, health-obsessed and proactive professionals who enjoy a fun, supportive, and pet-friendly workplace.


Royal canin professional is a high-performance dry dog food formula that has been specially formulated for adult show dogs. It has 33% protein and nutrient-rich ingredients to support better muscle adaptability, enhanced performance, and improved recovery.

In addition, the food has psyllium husks to help improve digestion. The formula also has EPA, DHA and carnitine to support bone and joint health.

It has a moderate amount of named by-product meal to provide a meaty flavor and texture, and a good source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It’s a good choice for healthy, active dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Royal canin focuses on making a better world for pets, with its purpose to “make a difference in cats and dogs’ lives by developing products of a high technical nature and ensuring high dietary safety.” Its business model is based on partnerships with pet professionals. This includes supplying high-quality nutrition and supporting its partners with monitoring and diagnostic tools, as well as services to make their work easier.