Royal Canin Senior Dog Food Review

Royal Canin, owned by Mars Corporation, provides an array of foods tailored specifically for dogs based on size, age and breed. Their food offerings can be divided up by size, age and breed type.

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Puppies need a diet tailored to their size and nutritional requirements in order to develop and grow healthily while still gaining weight.


Large Aging 8+

Many pet parents have reported positive feedback regarding this prescription diet for dogs suffering from GI issues, with their dogs’ conditions significantly improving after switching. It is a high-protein, grain-free formula featuring pork by-products, pork liver, brewer’s rice flour and corn grits as its top five ingredients.

Designed specifically to support senior dogs aged 8 or over and weighing 56-100 lb, this dry dog food helps support bone and joint health through precise nutrition. Plus, an exclusive blend of antioxidants enhance cellular wellness; high-quality proteins provide balanced fiber intake to promote digestive health; making this rehydratable formula easy for senior dogs to chew!

This formula is hot extruded and made with feed grade ingredients (unsuitable for human consumption), potentially leading to allergic reactions in some pets. Furthermore, there are 30 synthetic additives and 1 antinutrient pea fiber which interferes with absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

Large Adult 5+

Royal Canin offers formulas designed for all sizes and stages of life for dogs, from puppies through seniors. Their precise nutrition helps your pup remain healthy and active for as long as possible. Products manufactured on all continents except Antarctica. In addition, breed-specific diets as well as health concerns-oriented plans are also available.

Pet parents have reported that vitamin and mineral-rich food helps their dogs’ skin and coat health, while some varieties include probiotics to support gut wellness. Many pet parents have found relief for gastrointestinal issues like vomiting and diarrhea from this food source.

Some of their kibble is composed of hydrolyzed protein, a process which breaks proteins down into smaller molecules for easier digestion and reduces risk of an immune response. Additional ingredients include chicken byproduct meal, brewers rice flour and corn gluten meal; all designed specifically to provide adult dogs of all sizes with maximum nutrition value according to veterinarians.


This food was developed specifically to assist with urinary health concerns and manage food sensitivities. This veterinary exclusive formula dissolves pure struvite deposits while preventing calcium oxalate stones.

Reduce recurrence of pet stones by increasing the volume of your dog’s urine. This works by encouraging them to urinate more frequently and thus prevent crystallisation or formation of stones. In addition, RSS methodology lowers ion concentration in their urine making it less likely that these types of stones form.

Your pet can benefit from this food by decreasing magnesium levels. Magnesium has been linked to struvite stones forming, so lower magnesium levels will make it harder for these formations.

Royal Canin’s dry food comes in an easy-to-preserve 6.6 lb bag for ease of storage and maintenance, and also allows owners to set recurring deliveries so that your pets’ favourite meal never runs out!


Royal Canin offers an assortment of dog foods tailored specifically to various life stages and sizes of pets, but how can you know which is the most suitable? Examining its ingredients list and manufacturing process are essential elements in making an informed decision about which option will work best for your pup.

This food utilizes a moderate amount of named animal meal and by-products (including processed materials like horns, hooves and blood) to increase protein content. Additionally, this food is produced using the hot-extrusion method that rapidly cooks its components using high heat and pressure; additionally sodium selenite which may not provide as many nutritional benefits than its more natural chelated forms is added as an ingredient.

This food is specially tailored for small breed dogs entering their senior years. It provides them with vitality-supportive nutrients including controlled levels of phosphorus to support kidney health, along with highly digestible ingredients like chicken meal, brown rice, millet and barley as well as fruits and vegetables such as cranberries and blueberries for optimum vitality and overall wellness.