Royal Canin Urinary Care For Cats

royal canin urinary care

Royal Canin has an assortment of pet food to meet the specific dietary needs of felines. Their Urinary SO diet was specifically developed to prevent and treat struvite and calcium oxalate stones; AAFCO and FDA regulations have approved it.

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This diet works by increasing your cat’s urine volume to dilute it and avoid crystal formation, while simultaneously encouraging hydration and providing balanced mineral content.


Reduces risk of urinary stone formation

This veterinary-exclusive diet has been specially developed to nutritionally support your pet’s urinary tract health. By increasing urine volume and diluting excess minerals that could form stones or crystals, as well as decreasing magnesium consumption (which encourages struvite stone formation) this diet helps prevent calcium oxalate stone recurrence while supporting healthy urinary acidity levels.

This diet offers low mineral and high fiber intake to improve glycemic control and increase hydration, with chelated minerals for enhanced absorption, as well as being low in crude protein to avoid overburdening the kidneys.

This diet may be more costly than other brands, but its value in maintaining urinary health for your cat makes it worth its cost. Available at veterinarian offices or E-commerce sites like Chewy and PetCo, be sure to closely observe how your pet responds and follow recommended feeding guidelines in order to achieve maximum effectiveness from this food. It may result in your cat urinating more frequently but that is normal.

Encourages hydration

Royal Canin is an acclaimed pet food manufacturer, creating products designed to address specific health needs for both cats and dogs. Their products help overcome issues like painful urination, struvite stones, calcium oxalate stones and more; with special diets tailored specifically to address medical conditions like these before they arise further down the line.

The product’s precise nutritional formula has been scientifically demonstrated to promote urinary health in healthy adult cats by providing adequate mineral content that corresponds with normal urine concentration levels, through controlling pH and encouraging high daily water intake – two key mechanisms which allow urine to dilute with time.

Veterinarians frequently recommend this product for treating various urinary health issues in cats. While it doesn’t treat specific health conditions on its own, this food helps prevent the formation of struvite and calcium oxalate stones by lowering magnesium levels in urine. Furthermore, it may provide support against cystitis or kidney diseases.

Helps dissolve struvite stones

Signs such as bloody urine, straining to urinate or urinating in unexpected places could indicate your dog has struvite stones. Stones may cause an obstruction that needs to be cleared; in these instances urohydropropulsion catheters or surgical removal may provide relief.

Diets designed to dissolve struvite stones work by encouraging your body to produce more acidic urine. Unfortunately, diets found at pet stores that do not support acidic urine production cannot help dissolve struvite stones.

Royal Canin Urinary SO is a veterinary-exclusive diet developed to dissolve pure struvite stones and prevent their recurrence. Using balanced protein content and RSS (Relative Supersaturation) methodology to decrease mineral concentration in urine. Furthermore, Royal Canin Urinary SO contains reduced magnesium for even further risk reduction of struvite stones, increasing volumetric output as a means of diluting mineral contents further.

Helps prevent calcium oxalate stones

Royal Canin’s food for cats with bladder and kidney stones can help prevent, dissolve, or reduce their likelihood of returning again in future episodes. Specifically designed to promote hydration while simultaneously decreasing levels of chemicals that promote stone formation such as calcium oxalate.

Additionally, it helps prevent the formation of pure struvite stones by dissolving urea and oxalate crystals in urine, thus decreasing risk. Furthermore, its low level of sodium helps minimize excess calcium excretion from diet.

Veterinary Diet Urinary SO is a high-protein, low-salt diet specifically formulated to meet the dietary requirements of adult cats in good health and reduce their risk of urinary tract issues. You can purchase it from either your veterinarian or online pet stores.