Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary So Dry Cat Food

royal canin veterinary diet urinary so dry cat food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet urinary so dry cat food helps prevent calcium oxalate stones and dissolves pure struvite crystals, while increasing urine volume and diluting excess minerals.

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This food uses relative supersaturation methodology (RSS), which reduces the concentration of ions in urine that cause crystal formation.



Royal Canin veterinary diet urinary so dry cat food contains many essential ingredients for your cat’s wellbeing. It helps prevent calcium oxalate stones and dissolves pure struvite crystals that may form in your cat’s urine.

This product increases your cat’s urine volume, diluting those ions responsible for crystal formation. Furthermore, it has a lower level of magnesium which is the primary culprit behind struvite stone formation.

The company’s veterinary products are created in collaboration with veterinarians who conduct ongoing research and work to help your pet live a longer, healthier life. These foods have been specially formulated to address specific health needs like urinary tract, gastrointestinal support, renal support, weight management and more.

Nutritional requirements

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary So Dry Cat Food is a prescription diet specifically formulated to support cats with bladder and kidney health concerns. It helps dissolve urinary crystals, prevents stone formation, and meets their nutritional requirements at the same time.

This diet consists of ingredients that increase urine production and dilute excess minerals in the urine, which may contribute to crystals or stones formation in your cat’s urinary system.

Additionally, this formula contains a lower level of magnesium to prevent the formation of struvite crystals in cats. When combined with relative supersaturation methodology (RSS), this specialized formula creates an unfavorable urinary environment for calcium oxalate crystals and struvite crystals to grow.

It is essential to consult your veterinarian about continuing on this prescription diet for long-term urinary support. They can also suggest the ideal Royal Canin wet food and treats to complement their food plan.

Side effects

Many pet parents have expressed worries about side effects from royal canin veterinary diet urinary so dry cat food. These worries stem from reports that some cats have developed symptoms after consuming this product.

On this issue, there are different schools of thought. One school holds that an ingredient list should not be the most influential factor when judging a food’s quality.

Another school of thought holds that nutrient analysis should be the most significant factor.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Cat Food works through several mechanisms to enhance your cat’s urinary health. First, it increases the volume of their urine, diluting excess minerals that could form crystals or stones.

Second, this formula has an exclusive SO index to create an unfavorable environment for crystal formation.

Additionally, this formula contains balanced mineral content to support your cat’s normal urinary tract functions and help avoid overtaxing the kidneys – especially in older or ill cats.

Final Words

Royal Canin is a well-known pet food brand that utilizes scientific research to pinpoint your cat or dog’s nutritional requirements. To meet these demands, they produce an extensive range of premium pet foods.

It has a long-standing tradition of creating diets tailored to pets’ age, size, lifestyle and breed to help them live their best lives. This makes this brand an especially popular choice among veterinarians.

In May and April 2007, Royal Canin was involved in a widespread melamine contamination recall that affected many of their pet foods. While the company did not disclose what caused this issue, it was believed to be due to a supplier issue.

Although we have yet to conduct a formal investigation, reports on Consumer Affairs indicate that cats have experienced digestive distress after eating this recipe. Complaints include vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy.