Royal Canin Wet Puppy Food Review

royal canin wet puppy food

Royal Canin offers breed specific puppy formulas made up of highly digestible proteins and prebiotics for better digestive health.

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This recipe has been tailored specifically for large breed puppies, featuring chicken by-product meals to promote bone and joint development as well as an array of nutrients to facilitate better digestion and optimal immune system development.



Formulated specifically to meet the energy requirements of small breed puppies (adult weight up to 10 kg), this food provides a complete and balanced diet for them. With antioxidants such as Vitamin E to support natural immunity development, and probiotics to maintain intestinal balance.

It contains highly digestible proteins formulated specifically for puppies. Plus, its formulation with beet pulp and fish oil ensures optimal nutrition absorption by your pup! Plus it provides essential antioxidants (C and E vitamins) as well as DHA.

This wet puppy food has been specially created for Frenchies and features kibble sizes and shapes tailored specifically for their teeth and jaw structure, helping with chewing and digestion. You can feed this wet food as its own meal or mix it with dry dog food for increased protein intake in their diet.


Royal Canin wet adult food provides an easy and delicious way for dogs of all sizes to experience its delicious taste and essential nutrients. Many royal Canin wet adult products contain low-glycemic ingredients for healthier digestion; additionally, this food also provides energy-rich chicken fat to support active pups.

Royal Canin’s wet adult food helps support a strong immune system with its rich blend of antioxidants and prebiotics, which work together to promote an ideal balance of intestinal flora. Furthermore, this food includes EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids for brain development support in puppies.

Royal Canin wet dog food features specialty formulas tailored specifically to certain breeds of canine. These dishes include special offerings for senior dogs or those experiencing digestive issues; specific recipes can also be provided for smaller breeds like dachshunds and larger breeds like poodles; plus Royal Canin offers options that promote joint health or provide appetite stimulation.

Sensitive Stomach

Royal Canin wet stomach food is an ideal option for dogs with sensitive digestion issues, providing easy digestibility and helping improve appetites while providing essential nutrients. Every formula produced by Royal Canin is developed by veterinarians or animal breeders with rigorous quality testing procedures performed to ensure safety and effectiveness.

This wet dog food features an average protein and fat content and an above-average moisture level, making it a good value.

An upset stomach can be an inconvenience for both you and your dog. These symptoms could be due to allergies, infections or intolerances; however, diet can often help ease symptoms by supporting digestion activity while maintaining intestinal balance. Paoli Vetcare recommends scheduling an appointment so they can show you more about how dietary switching could improve digestive health by offering food with ingredients designed specifically to stimulate digestive activity and balance intestinal flora balance.

Urinary Conditions

Royal Canin’s wet puppy food is specially tailored for dogs with urinary conditions, and this particular formula has been specifically developed to aid in dissolving struvite bladder stones while supporting a healthy digestive system. Utilizing its innovative RSS technology that reduces urine concentration levels thus creating an environment less suitable for struvite and calcium oxalate stones formation; hydrolyzed protein minimizes digestive discomfort as well as skin sensitivities from food sensitivities;

This formula features water as its initial ingredient and contains below-average levels of both protein and fat. Following that are chicken by-product meal and meat meal; both do not provide whole chicken meat but instead include vital organs and cartilage that provide essential nutrition. Finally, beet pulp provides high fiber content. Produced as byproduct from sugar beet processing operations, some have criticized beet pulp as an affordable filler solution.