Sera Tropical Fish Food

sera tropical fish food

Sera tropical fish food is designed to give your pet fish all of the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs for optimal growth and Bob’s offers a wide selection of Sera products so you’re sure to have what’s right for your specific species of fish.

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This staple food for ornamental fish includes gently made flakes that are free from dyes and preservatives for feeding at the surface of water. Slowly sinking granules also contain insect meal as an animal protein source as well as natural prebiotics for an environment-friendly diet.


Vipan Nature

Floating large flake food without dyes or preservatives designed for all ornamental fish swimming on the water surface. It contains high-quality proteins from insect meal from soldier fly larvae (Hermetia) for balanced nutritional composition as well as prebiotic benefits – shape-stable flakes stay suspended in aquarium water without clouding over.

The Sera Nature product range is free from dyes and preservatives, as a diet rich in natural ingredients provides the best protection from deficiency symptoms while supporting health and vitality in fish. Furthermore, products in this line contain additional natural ingredients like spirulina, krill meal or sustainably harvested insect meal from Hermetia flies to enhance health and vitality for your aquatic friends. Their ingredient lists and quantities can be found clearly displayed on packaging front.

Crabs Nature

Crabs are an irresistibly tasty seafood found at many restaurants worldwide. Not only are they delicious, but they’re an invaluable source of nutrients – packed full of minerals that support bone health and omega-3 fatty acids that lower risk for heart disease – not to mention being packed full of protein! Crabs make for the perfect meal!

Nearly all crustacean young begin life looking quite dissimilar from their parents, consisting of an organism called a zoea which feeds on plankton. After several molts, however, this organ begins to transform into the body of a crab.

Researchers have recently discovered that this transformation, known as carcinization, occurs at least five times during the evolution of a single species – providing insight into how crabs have come to possess such distinctive body shapes.

Insect Nature

Edible insects provide a nutritious and sustainable source of protein. Additionally, insects serve as beneficial decomposers of organic material; thus contributing to biodiversity conservation efforts while mitigating climate change and hunger issues.

Insects provide many ecological services that benefit both rural, natural, and urban ecosystems. Pollinators drive production of fruits, vegetables, and seeds while acting as bio-indicators of healthy streams and soils.

Attributed with being among the world’s greatest biological diversity. Their fossil and phylogenetic data demonstrate complex evolutionary patterns such as responses to major environmental shifts such as Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution; development of key innovations like wings; complete metamorphosis; as well as other adaptations. All of this contributed significantly to their longevity5.

Spirulina Nature

Spirulina has quickly become one of the world’s most talked-about superfoods, alongside chlorella. Packed full of proteins, iron, B-vitamins and antioxidants – Spirulina offers incredible nutritional benefits!

Oyster microalgae are unique blue-green microalgae that feature an undulating, left-handed helix in their shape. Commonly found in natural or artificial lakes, oyster microalgae are harvested and freeze-dried before being sold as food products.

Spirulina nature provides an abundant supply of phycocyanin, an anti-inflammatory agent shown to have anti-cancer properties. According to research, chronic inflammation is an insidious killer which contributes to cardiovascular disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes; adding Spirulina nature into your fish meal diet could help decrease inflammation levels significantly – this especially holds true if they’re fed a food with high phycocyanin content like Spirulina nature can.

PE Flakes

PE Flakes food from sera offers highly natural ornamental fish nutrition. Each of its six foods are produced without dyes and preservatives and supplemented with additional beneficial ingredients for maximum growth.

These flakes feature fresh PE mysis shrimp as the key component, creating an irresistibly tasty and nutritionally complete diet for pets. Sustainably harvested at night from lakes and ponds, PE mysis shrimp provide highly digestible sources of protein as well as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – providing your pets with an enjoyable food experience!

These ingredients offer invaluable nutrition to fish, supporting their natural immune functions and supporting all types of aquatic species omnivorous or carnivorous freshwater species alike. Bob’s Tropical Fish offers an extensive selection of Sera products so your aquatic pets have access to proper nutrition.