Science Diet Kitten Food Review

science diet kitten food

Science Diet is a well-known brand in pet food manufacturing. All of their products utilize veterinary science for optimal effectiveness and nutritional value.

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When selecting science diet kitten food, there are several varieties to consider. When making your purchase, be sure to factor in ingredients, nutritional value and grain inclusion for optimal results.



Science diet kitten food is specially formulated to meet your kitty’s nutritional requirements. It includes DHA from fish oil for healthy eye and brain development, taurine to support muscle growth and development, as well as a balanced set of minerals for strong bones and teeth.

These formulas also contain mixed tocopherols and citric acid, natural antioxidants considered safe for cats. Furthermore, they are free from BHA and BHT – two controversial preservatives linked to health issues in pets.

The initial ingredient in our cat food formula is chicken, providing protein and fat. Pork liver follows, providing additional proteins and nutrients. Soy protein isolate and wheat gluten round out the ingredients list by providing additional amino acids to support growth in your kitten.


Science diet is an ideal option for kittens as it has been created by veterinary nutritionists. Not only that, but it’s high in protein and has a tender texture that makes it easy for your kitten to eat.

Ingredients: Water, chicken, pork liver, soy protein isolate and wheat gluten. These were added to increase moisture content of the food to make it more appealing for cats.

Unfortunately, this food may not be suitable for kittens with allergies to meat. It contains soy protein isolate and wheat gluten, which are not meat-based proteins and may not provide your cat with all of the essential amino acids.

Hill’s Science Diet indoor dry food is an ideal option for kittens as it has been specially designed to meet their energy requirements while living indoors. It contains premium meat, animal fat, vegetable fiber and nutrients to promote healthy digestion.


If you’re searching for a high-quality kitten food, Science Diet is an excellent option. This brand utilizes veterinary nutritionists and scientists to craft various formulas specifically tailored towards cats.

This food may be more expensive than some other brands, but the extra expense pays for the research done. Plus, this meal boasts a high protein content and plenty of essential vitamins and minerals – making it worth every penny spent.

This cat food meets the nutritional needs of kittens, with taurine to support visual development and balanced minerals for strong bones and teeth. Plus, it boasts a high fiber content due to beet pulp added.


Science Diet is one of the top pet food brands available, boasting a variety of formulas backed by research conducted by veterinary nutritionists. Their products have earned top ratings from customers and critics alike.

They also offer condition-specific formulas to help alleviate a variety of health problems, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, urinary tract disease and IBD (irritable bowel syndrome).

For optimal cat health and development, science diet kitten food should have a high protein content. Furthermore, it should be low in fat and free from artificial colors or preservatives.

Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food is an ideal option for kittens who spend most of their time indoors. It contains prebiotic fibers to keep the litter box clean and healthy, plus chicken as its primary protein source.