Sera Tropical Flakes

Sera tropical flakes are a staple food for all ornamental fish that eat on the surface of the water. Without dyes or preservatives, they contain insect meal as a high-quality protein source that is resource-efficient and balanced with natural ingredients and prebiotics to provide an especially natural diet that supports healthy growth and strong development.

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Color enhancing

Sera tropical flakes are a great addition to the daily diet of your tropical fish. This specialized formula is loaded with naturally occurring colors that bring out the natural beauty of your favorite tropical fish.

A complete color food for top-dwelling tropical fish that is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins to support healthy growth and vitality. Its high concentration of natural carotenoids and haematococcus algae promote color development and appearance.

The color enhancing flakes are also easy to digest and help your fish maintain their color. They are available in both granules and flake form for a variety of feeding habits.

The floatable flakes in the “sera Nature” product range are produced entirely without dyes or preservatives. The balanced, wholesome composition is very close to nature and supports healthy growth, brilliant appearance, and natural behavior.

Protein rich

Tropical Flakes are a high-protein food for omnivorous and carnivorous aquarium fish. They can be used as a daily diet for spawning pairs, young fish and adolescent fry.

The flakes are also suitable for adolescent and adult fish to help them gain weight. They contain a mixture of marine and vegetable proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and development.

sera Nature is a new food range that includes six different flake food types, all of which contain neither dyes nor preservatives. These include Vipan Nature, San Nature, Flora Nature, Goldy Nature, GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature.

The flakes are composed of gently processed whole food organisms such as Krill, Bloodworms and Daphnia. They are enriched with Spirulina and Haematococcus algae rich in astaxanthin and support healthy development and brilliant coloration of ornamental fish.


The new “Nature” line of sera tropical flakes makes ornamental fish nutrition even more natural. All food types are based on the compositions of their namesakes, but without dyes or preservatives (e.g. Sera Vipan Nature, San Nature and Flora Nature).

For many fish, food is the most important source of energy. It helps to maintain proper development, supports color formation and protects against disease.

These gently manufactured granules are rich in protein from high quality animal sources and contain naturally occurring ingredients such as Tenebrio larvae, wheat germ and various algae to provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The large sized floating flakes without dyes and preservatives are perfect for larger ornamental fish such as catfish, plecos, bichirs, cichlids or stingrays that mainly eat at the surface of the water. The balanced formula with the high quality protein from insect meal saves resources as well as ensures a diet close to nature, which promotes healthy growth and strong development.

No dyes or preservatives

Sera tropical flakes are free of dyes or preservatives. They are suitable for all aquarium fish and do not cloud the water.

The gently manufactured soft granules consisting of a balanced combination of color optimizing ingredients (Haematococcus algae rich in astaxanthin, spirulina and krill) for discus fish support the natural color development. They also increase acceptancy, liveliness and readiness to spawn in ornamental fish.

In addition to this, it contains a high percentage of omega fatty acids, easily digestible aquatic protein from sustainable fish and insect meal and minerals that cover the energy requirements of all tropical community fish. It strengthens disease resistance and healthy development and supports the long, happy lives of these fish.

The staple food for rasping and suckermouth bottom fish, cichlids and catfish sera Catfish Chips Nature is free from dyes or preservatives and supports healthy growth, strong development and brilliant coloration. The balanced composition with high quality proteins from black soldier fly larvae is resource conscientious and helps to reduce the amount of dead organic material in the water.