Sera Vipan Review

Sera Aquarium Foods are Bob’s go-to aquarium brand for natural fish food that meets his high standards of excellence. Offering a broad selection of products designed to satisfy every enthusiast needs is part of what sets Sera apart.

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sera vipan nature provides ornamental fish which feed at the water surface with an essential food without dyes or preservatives, including insect meal as a high-quality protein source and resource saving measure. Furthermore, its balanced composition with natural ingredients and prebiotic effects promote health and lifeliness for these beautiful aquatic inhabitants.


Staple food

A staple food, also referred to as basic foods, forms the cornerstone of most populations’ daily diets and provides most of a person’s energy and nutritional requirements. Of the approximately 50 000 edible plants on Earth, three stand out – rice, maize (maize) and wheat – which collectively account for 60 percent of its energy intake.

Food staples are affordable plant-based foods that meet much of a person’s nutritional requirements, with plenty of calories, essential vitamins, and minerals.

Sera vipan flakes do not use dyes or preservatives in their production process, instead drawing their colors from natural sources such as spirulina, krill and Hermetia insect larvae flour for sustainability. Furthermore, each flake also includes carefully balanced nutrients with prebiotic effects for health benefits and lively fish appearance. Finally, their gentle production process creates tasty yet shape-retaining flakes without polluting the environment.


Large-sized floating flakes free from dyes and preservatives provide ornamental fish species living at the water surface with an affordable staple food, ideal for growing and strong development. Made of insect meal extracted from Hermetia fly larvae as a high quality protein source which also conserves resources. A diet rich in natural ingredients and prebiotics ensures an unspoiled diet which promotes strong development while remaining close to nature – the flakes remain floating without clouding up the water surface!

This product from “sera Nature” does not contain dyes or preservatives, providing optimal nutrition without deficiency symptoms and supporting their health and vitality. “sera Nature” food types therefore include natural ingredients like Spirulina, Krill or sustainable insect meal from Hermetia larvae larvae larvae; signets on the front side of its package feature this information along with their proportion in each food item.

Large Flakes

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Sera vipan Nature is an organic staple food composed of larger-sized floating flakes without dyes and preservatives, tailored specifically for ornamental fish that feed at the water surface. Containing insect meal from Hermetia flies as a high quality source of protein while conserving resources, its unique formula combines natural ingredients with prebiotic effects for nutrition close to nature, encouraging strong growth.

This wholesome and carefully manufactured staple feed for fish contains essential vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by fish, along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – essential components of immune support – plus beta-glucans that strengthen immunity while supporting metabolism.


Sera Vipan has long been one of the staple foods used in aquariums, and Tetra Company has worked to improve its formula to make life easier for aquarists and more effective for their fish. Its easy digestion promotes vibrant color while the Active Life formula nutritionally supports immune health.

This product is an essential staple in most tropical fish aquariums. Formulated to include various colors and nutrients that promote optimal health in aquarium fish populations, such as vitamin C for improved disease resistance and immunostimulants to strengthen defense mechanisms, it serves as a nutritious diet for your aquarium fish.

Feed this food two or three times daily as much as your fish can consume in just minutes, without clouding up the tank water. It has been specially formulated so as not to dissolve too rapidly and cloud up its surroundings.