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Pet supplies shopping should be easy and convenient; customers expect to click a link, select their item of choice and have it sent straight to them.

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Gone to the Dogs provides dog walking essentials like leashes and harnesses as well as eco-friendly products like compostable dog toys and handmade kente bandannas by female artisans crafted in Kenya. Their one-stop shop appeals to customers with higher incomes who appreciate premium discretionary services.


Water and Food Bowls

Chewy offers food and water bowls to keep both puppies and adult dogs satisfied and healthy. Choose from double feeders, food storage containers, automatic dog feeders and on-the-go water bottles.

Stainless steel feeding and drinking bowls are the ideal choice, being both durable and easy to maintain. Ceramic, plastic or stoneware bowls contain crevices which may harbor bacteria; even stainless steel may build up biofilm which needs regular washings.


Your furry companion deserves nothing less than comforting comfort in their home environment, such as toys that bounce, float and squeak during playtime! Chew toys engineered with tough fabric and Zogoflex chew zones will satisfy their chewing urges while strengthening teeth simultaneously.

Many hardware stores now carry pet supplies like beds, crates and toys for pets – you might even find great bargains on gently used items!

Chewy offers everything from food, treats and medications for dogs and cats alike – as well as small animals like hamsters and rabbits! Additionally, Chewy offers an auto-ship program to save both time and money.

Crates and Gates

Crates can be invaluable tools for training puppies, providing them with a den-like environment in which to feel secure. Gates also serve to keep pets out of certain parts of the home that are off-limits, making travel simpler for everyone involved.

Pet owners looking to spoil their furry companions will love this online pet supply store. Their extensive range of products caters to cats, dogs and small animals like hamsters and rabbits; additionally they sell fun toys as well as dog-themed merchandise!

This pet store stands out as being well-stocked with products for both dogs and cats, featuring regular deals and discounts as well as gift ideas to celebrate pet birthdays as part of its loyalty program.


Pet beds offer soft spots for pets to rest their heads and reduce pain associated with active pets. Bed designs range from donut beds and cuddlers, all the way through to spacious rectangle beds that allow dogs to spread out when napping.

Pet supply stores frequently carry other non-essential items for pets such as toys and accessories, which are popular and typically offered at reduced prices relative to retail pet store pricing.

Online retailers like Amazon provide more cost-effective pet supply options; their extensive selection includes everything from food and toys, crates and cages as well as clothing for cats and dogs – the comment sections on each item help direct buyers towards those which have the highest user reviews.

Dog Houses

Dog houses provide shelter from weather elements while providing them with a cozy retreat. You can purchase one either through pet supply stores or home improvement stores that sell building plans and materials.

When purchasing a dog house, it’s essential that the dimensions match up perfectly with your animal. An overly large or small house could make them uncomfortable; similarly, too big of a space can overheat quickly. To make sure the house fits, measure from flank to tail and paw to head to ensure an ideal size fit for your companion.

Some homes feature additional insulation to provide additional protection from cold weather, with ramps installed for easy entry and exit. Raised structures are great at preventing rot, mold growth and morning condensation build-up – three major threats in today’s homes.