Soft Dog Food Review

soft dog food

Soft dog food offers all of the convenience of dry kibble, combined with tender pieces that enhance its palatability. It is particularly well suited to dogs who struggle to chew hard kibble.

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Select formulas containing animal-derived proteins as the first ingredient and including fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables as well as healthy sources of fat such as omega fatty acids. Avoid those containing excessive sugar and salt which could potentially harm many dogs.



With real chicken or beef as its primary ingredient, each delicious bowl recipe from Canine Gourmets is packed with protein and packed with delicious flavor! No artificial colors, fillers or preservatives have been used – making these hearty meals the ideal complement to your pup’s kibble, or enjoyed as a tasty treat on their own!

This food scored above average in protein content but below average in fat and carb content. Free from plant-based protein boosters and with only moderate levels of carbohydrates present.

This food is designed for adult maintenance, meaning it meets the calorie needs of an average active adult dog. We would advise caution with regard to its use of sodium selenite as it’s not naturally-occurring selenium and therefore harder for dogs to absorb. Other key ingredients to note include powdered cellulose as non-digestible plant fiber and soybean oil which acts as an emulsifier, helping spread out fat more evenly in their food.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior Wet Dog Food Chicken

This food is formulated with an assortment of vegetables and meats to give your pet all of the vitamins and minerals they require, along with antioxidant-rich flaxseed and omega fatty acids to promote good skin and coat health. Furthermore, this product is free from chicken by-products, corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives – an added bonus!

This food was designed specifically with puppies in mind and includes plenty of nutrients that will assist with their cognitive development. Fish oil containing DHA provides essential support while high-quality vegetables boost immunity. Furthermore, this food is free from corn, wheat and soy as well as having easily absorbable chelated minerals for easier absorption by your puppy.

This food provides your pet with protein-rich energy in the form of chicken meat. Chicken broth adds moisture and flavor, while liver is an organ meat rich in iron, vitamin A and amino acids that is an ideal addition to their diet.

Merrick Purrfect Bits Soft Chews Chicken Recipe Dog Food

Merrick offers nutritious food designed to support dogs and cats at their best. Their team sources ingredients from local farmers for recipes with more taste than nutrition provided by scientific formulas.

Purrfect Bistro menus contain high levels of quality protein, moderate fat levels and limited carbs – exactly the kind of diet most cats thrive on. In addition, they offer recipes tailored specifically for cats with sensitive tummies or food allergies.

In this particular recipe, real deboned chicken is the main ingredient, followed by lamb meal – a meat concentrate which packs 300% more protein than fresh lamb – sweet potato powder (a gluten-free source of complex carbohydrates) and finally kelp meal for its insoluble fiber content. There is also another more unusual component called pork fat made by rendering fat from pig flesh that contains omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid – another omega-6 source!

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan offers an extensive variety of dog foods designed to address various health concerns in dogs, such as digestive and skin conditions. Furthermore, their brand offers recipes tailored specifically for specific sizes of canines as well as breeds.

The brand offers recipes with moderate amounts of high-quality meat and fish ingredients like Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Salmon; in addition to these they use barley, rice, oat meal and corn gluten meal – industry favorite ingredients that provide essential nutrition for pets as well as being easily accessible and affordably priced.

This brand also employs small amounts of organ meat ingredients like liver in its recipes to enhance richness and enhance nutrition content, and use moderate amounts of chicken fat – preferred over beef fat due to its more neutral taste and easier availability.