Teeth Cleaning Chews For Your Dog

dog teeth cleaning chews

Dental hygiene is essential to keeping your dog’s mouth healthy. Therefore, regular dental examinations should be incorporated into routine health maintenance to keep the mouth bacteria-free and ensure maximum oral health benefits for him or her.

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Dental chews and treats can help your dog maintain healthier teeth by scraping away plaque build-up as he chews. By means of chewing on them, their action scrapes teeth clean.



WHIMZEES Stix are all-natural chew treats made of non-GMO ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; making them the ideal treat choice for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. These long and textured treats come packaged in recyclable plastic packaging making it easy to transport.

This tasty daily dental treat for your dog is an effective alternative to rawhide, proven to improve dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar accumulation. Specially designed to be gentle on teeth, these treats contain less fat and feature grooves designed to work into smaller spaces between their teeth.

These stix are perfect for puppies or dogs with sensitive teeth and come in various sizes to meet the needs of different pets. Made with all-natural ingredients that are grain- and gluten-free as well as hypoallergenic, they make an easy chew that your pup will surely love! Plus they come with fun shapes they’ll adore!

Purina Pro Plan Dental Chews

This toothpaste and stick combination was specifically created to combat plaque and tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth, offering an easy two-step system for cleaning them effectively. The mess-free brushless toothpaste reduces plaque build-up while freshening breath. Meanwhile, dental chews feature delectable parsley flavor as well as mechanical abrasive texture to clean teeth as your pup chews!

These chews contain natural ingredients to support healthy teeth and gums. Their chewy texture acts like a mechanical scrubber to remove build-up in hard-to-reach places while delmopinol provides a barrier between tongue, gums and teeth to inhibit biofilm formation (which leads to plaque). Plus they’re gluten and corn free!

These treats come in small, medium and large sizes to fit your dog’s mouth perfectly. Low in calories and composed of beefhide, maltodextrins, animal digest, hydrolyzed corn protein dried yeast potassium sorbate preservative xanthan gum with Yellow 5 added color; all these elements combined make for tasty snacks!

Virbac Oral Care Gel

If brushing your dog’s teeth is not possible, use this toothpaste to freshen breath and remove tartar build-up from their teeth. Formulated to be safe if swallowed and including natural antiseptics to neutralize mouth odor, this 2-ounce tube is available.

These chews are handcrafted from select beef hide and feature an irresistibly appetizing poultry flavor, and contain Virbac’s Dual Enzyme System to inhibit plaque and provide clinically proven tartar control. They make an ideal alternative to dental treats like Greenies that only mechanically clean your dog’s teeth while they chew them.

These chews are grain-, soy-, and gluten-free with no artificial additives; my dogs love them, and they’re even VOHC approved to address both plaque and tartar accumulation! Additionally, they make for great alternatives to traditional chew toys; just be careful they aren’t swallowing too many at one time!

Healthy Pet Dental Chews

Pet dental chews are an integral component of keeping your dog’s oral health in top shape. Your dog’s mouth is an intimate environment which harbors bacteria and may lead to periodontal disease if left unchecked; regular brushing and dental cleanings are the best ways to combat plaque and tartar buildup, while using dental chews can prevent tooth loss and bad breath.

WHIMZEES Stix are edible chews crafted with plant-based ingredients that are free from animal protein, wheat gluten and artificial flavors and colors. Their stick design makes it easy for dogs to grasp them while the textured surface helps remove plaque and debris. Plus, each treat comes complete with its own natural flavor as well as being prebiotic-enriched for better digestion!

Dental chews provide a convenient alternative for dogs that do not take to brushing their teeth regularly or do not enjoy the taste of toothpaste, and also serve to freshen your dog’s breath between professional dental cleaning sessions. Look for chews bearing the VOHC seal to ensure it meets stringent standards of plaque and tartar reduction.