The Best Chew Bones For Puppies

best chew bones for puppies

Chewing is a natural behavior for puppies, and chewing bones can help them clean their teeth and exercise their jaw muscles while cleaning themselves of debris and plaque. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong chew bone could result in broken teeth or choking incidents.

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Search for toys that are soft enough to minimize these risks. Quest recommends toys which are robust but soft enough that you can still indent them with your fingernail.

Nylabone Edible Chew Treats

Nylabone offers delicious chew treats in various sizes and flavors that puppies love to snack on, made of edible ingredients with DHA and omega-3 to support growth and development in puppies. Perfect as training or teething aids, as well as being an alternative to rawhide bones – and available both smaller and larger options!

These pellets are an ideal choice for puppies aged 13-15 pounds with all adult teeth and no artificial preservatives or salt added, and designed to promote healthier teeth and gums.

Just like with other chew toys, it is crucial that your puppy be monitored while chewing on a Kong toy. Swallowing large pieces could pose a choking hazard or worse. Always regularly check their chew toys for cracks or chips; old or worn toys should be replaced; additionally splintering can be dangerous and should be monitored closely as these could present health risks to your pup; should this occur, contact your vet immediately as they may recommend an x-ray or even hospitalization as appropriate solutions.

Outward Hound Textured Textured Chew Toys

Many pet parents appreciate these rock-solid chew toys that last weeks or months – perfect as an alternative to antlers or bones that could chip teeth or cause them to splinter, they feature textured surfaces which help clean teeth as pups chew and gnaw on it, plus some have red underlayers so you know it’s time for a new toy!

This safe starter chew toys set includes both soft toys that are great for teething puppies and harder options that will withstand adult dogs’ chewing habits, plus a treat-dispensing toy to slow playtime down and alleviate boredom.

Pet parents who use this chew toy for their dogs have found it to be an effective way of encouraging active play while soothing sore gums. Crafted of sturdy rubber with a rope-like texture that’s gentle on teeth while being strong enough to stand up to powerful chewers – and easy to clean! – users have reported good experiences using it with their animals.

These textured rings come in multiple sizes to meet the needs of different breeds and chewing strengths, from smaller pups to those that like rough play. Constructed of durable materials designed to withstand tough chewing sessions and feature multiple textures that keep pups engaged during chewing sessions, such as bacon flavor. Also great for games of tug. Additionally, manufacturer also makes plush toys with squeakers that allow interactive play!

Chewy Bone Plush

Dogs that love plush toys for chewing or cuddling can benefit from durable toys like the Furballz Plush Squeaker Ball that feature two layers of fabric with minimal stuffing to extend its longevity – and come equipped with a safety indicator to alert pet parents when it’s time for replacement!

West Paw Plush Marvin the Moose is another option that provides both mental stimulation and prey drive stimulation in one package, featuring a squeaker and different textures for added sensory play value. Plush parts and knotted rope work to stimulate their natural prey drive while remaining easy to wash should it come time to switch out your current toy for something different.

Puppy chews don’t just come in the form of toys; elk antlers make an excellent, strong yet flexible material chew toy that won’t splinter! Just ensure it remains under close observation if your pup is an active chewer! To accommodate growth spurts and keep them engaged with play time, switch their toys often. Reward them with high-value treats whenever switching out an old toy for something new and introduce high value toys with every trade; trading out old for new one makes playing time an exciting treat-time activity! Also consider limiting chew time by banging their chew toy against your knee or a hard surface like counter top to let them know it’s time to stop chewing time!