The Best Organic Dog Treats

Treats for your pup can have a major impact on his or her wellbeing. Bones may splinter and harm his mouth while jerky could upset their stomachs.

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Organic dog treats utilize ingredients grown free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified organisms; additionally they do not include artificial preservatives and flavors.


Castor & Pollux Chicken & Cheddar Wafers

Quarter-sized wafers made with organic free-range chicken are a delicious treat your pup is sure to love! Each 1 1/2-inch cookie only contains 8 calories and comes with its signature cheddar cheese flavor – sure to please both humans and pets alike!

Pet Parents(r) was established by pet parents who understood the bond they shared with their furbabies as family and wanted to ensure they remained healthy. Working closely with rescue and adoption groups, they offer food suitable for adoptable pets while they wait for their new homes.

Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks provides both organic dry food and treats under two subbrands: ORGANIX and PRISTINE. Their products come from producers who raise, grow, or catch ingredients themselves rather than outsourcing them – thus setting a new standard in purposeful pet food!

Full Moon Natural Organics

Full Moon Natural Organics provides healthy snacks for dogs. Their delicious jerky treats are handmade in the United States using only natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives added; and come in an array of tasty flavors at a reasonable calorie count.

This company makes treats using cage free US poultry, heritage US pork and ranch raised organic no antibiotics ever beef as main meat sources, along with organic barley flour and oat flour from certified farms to ensure they meet all animal welfare standards.

Dehydrated treats do not need refrigeration, but must be stored in a cool location in order to retain flavor and texture. They’re low-cal and perfect as training tools or snacks – the only issue being rosemary may cause bile dumping, leading to foaming yellow vomit and diarrhea in certain breeds of dog that could eventually result in severe dehydration and even death.

Natural Balance Baked Dog Treats

Natural Balance produces treats and food for dogs using nutritional science and advanced pet healthcare. Established by actor Dick Van Patten in 1989 and owned by dog lovers alike, Natural Balance caters to dogs that require restricted diets while conducting rigorous tests before making products available to consumers.

Choose from Rewards Minis which are oven-baked treats with under four calories each, Jumpin’ Stix designed to provide hips and joints relief and Crunchy Biscuits made from mouthwatering duck recipe, or limited ingredient treats that may help reduce food allergies such as chicken-sweet potato-venison-lamb formulas – all grain-free treats without artificial preservatives, flavors or colors!

Thrive Dog Treats

Thrive is a premier provider of pet foods and treats, garnering positive reviews on Reviewopedia and other review websites. Their ProReward treats offer delicious air dried chicken strips and duck strips as well as freeze dried beef liver pieces with zero animal derivatives or preservatives; plus they’re high in iron and fatty acids! In addition, Thrive also provides dietary supplements containing probiotics, digestive enzymes, glucosamine, fish oil to support joint function as well as overall health in dogs.

Thrive uses only human grade meat that is free from dead, diseased or disabled animals (also known as 4D meat). Furthermore, no meat meal made from rendered fats, roadkill or euthanized animals is ever used in their food or treats. They also offer hemp dog chews containing cannabidiol to ease anxiety and pain – these irresistible treats cause pets to lick their lips until drooling occurs!