What to Look For at a Dog Treat Store

Pet treat stores provide an abundance of nutritious snacks for dogs. You’ll find everything from low-cal treats to freeze-dried organ meat chews.

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Functional treats have become an increasingly popular trend in dog treat stores. Ranging from calming chews to digestive aids, these treats help pets cope with stress, anxiety or illness more effectively.


Bite-Sized Treats

Make your pup happy and satisfied with a variety of tasty bite-sized treats designed specifically to keep him content, such as cookies, biscuits, jerky sticks or anything festive for any special event! There is even a range of festive designs and sprinkles available!

NUTRO Mini Bites make an excellent training treat or anytime snack for dogs and are made with salmon and seaweed harvested from Iceland, providing naturally occurring proteins and essential omega-3 fatty acids essential to maintaining skin and coat health.

Small dog bones baked at low temperature provide a delicious natural taste and are great for training or stuffing toys with food stuffing. And for pups who just can’t stop crunching on things, try Three Dog Bakery Itty Bitty Bones with Peanut Butter; your pups will soon be eagerly waiting to start the PAWty!

Training Treats

Training treats are designed specifically to cater to a specific size or chewing ability of a training pet, often broken into small pieces for ease of consumption during training sessions. They may also feature soft texture to make eating simpler for working pets.

These training treats can come in dry, wet or freeze-dried formats and typically feature easily identifiable ingredients like protein, vegetables and grains. Plus, their low calorie counts allow you to give out plenty during one training session without overloading your pup!

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers’ chicken liver treats are designed for training sessions while remaining soft and chewy enough for all dogs of all sizes to enjoy them. Furthermore, each treat only contains 3 calories and they come in an assortment of tantalizing flavors; Zuke’s Mini Naturals are another tasty bite-sized treat, popular among dog trainers in particular; their flavors range from chicken/turkey/ham/lamb to pork!

Health Treats

If your pet requires assistance with certain health issues, there are functional treats available that may provide extra assistance. Examples may include dental chews designed to aid in teeth cleaning or digestive aid treats like gummie treats.

This treat features dehydrated real fish meat to deliver high levels of protein at just 4 calories per piece – perfect for low-calorie, protein-rich diets! Amazon pet owners have given it five out of five stars rating because their dogs adored it! Parents also appreciate its natural ingredients without artificial colors, flavors, grains, gluten or other components which could cause digestive issues for sensitive pups.

Carrots are an easy and healthy snack option that are full of dietary fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin A – not to mention offering some dental hygiene benefits! But be mindful when feeding carrots to your pup as these rich in sugar food sources could potentially irritate his stomach as well as feed yeast that causes allergies in some dogs.

Treats for Special Occasions

Dog treats are an integral component of daily dog nutrition and play an essential part in their happiness. You can use treats as incentives for performing tricks or following commands, going outside to pee, or going inside for potty breaks. Dog treat stores and online retailers sell a range of pet snacks; special occasion offerings such as birthday, Halloween and Christmas celebrations may even feature them!

Bakery-style dog biscuits, cookies and cakes are a favorite among pet owners. Available in an assortment of flavors and can be decorated with icing, sprinkles or other embellishments, these treats make great treats for special events such as dog birthdays, Halloween pumpkin cookies or Christmas Eve presents!

These treats should be stored similarly to baked human cakes or muffins: either in the fridge for short term storage, or frozen for extended shelf life. Some dog owners even find warming these meaty treats prior to serving makes their scent and flavor even more tempting for their pup!