The Best Wild Bird Seed to Attract Birds to Your Yard

best wild bird seed

If you want to attract more species of birds to your yard, buy some wild bird seed. Here are some great types to consider: Nyjer, Kaytee Safflower, Mill Creek, Atwood’s, and varying blends. If you’re an avid birdwatcher, this is a great choice. In addition, it doesn’t cost much, and the varying blend attracts more birds. But if you want the best value, look for a high-quality, varying blend.

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If you want to attract more unique birds to your yard, nyjer wild bird seed is a good choice. Not only does it contain high-energy levels, but the seeds are also nutrient-rich. This seed will attract a variety of seeds-loving birds, including finches, sparrows, and chickadees. They also love to forage in leaf litter and may even cling to the side of your feeder.

This bird food contains 18% protein, 35% fat, and 27% fiber. It contains 12% moisture, which means it won’t quickly dry out. The moisture content is also great, which birds love. However, you may have to keep replenishing your bowls of Nyjer to prevent mold. This type of seed will attract more birds than other varieties of seed, so you may want to invest in a feeder that is designed specifically for birds.

Kaytee Safflower

For backyard birds, Kaytee Safflower is the ideal choice. This nutrient-rich seed contains a high percentage of oil, which attracts birds. Safflower seeds also repel other animals. You can mix the seed with other grains for variety. It’s easy to clean up too! Each bag contains 5 pounds of natural safflower seeds. You can buy it from a company that processes safflower seeds.

Nyjer seed is another good choice for feeding birds. While technically a thistle, Nyjer seed is not popular among territorial birds or squirrels. Nyjer seed is heat-sterilized to make sure that it won’t sprout. If you’re going to offer safflower seed, you should purchase a feeder with a special mesh. The mesh on this feeder needs to be big enough for perching birds.


For attracting birds in your yard, consider purchasing Atwood’s premium blend superior wild bird seed. It costs less than $20 for a 40-pound bag and contains black sunflowers, milo, corn, and peanut hearts. Unlike many blends, this variety does not contain fillers or other ingredients that birds will not eat. Atwood’s also offers individual seed ingredients and standard bird seed blends. It is a good choice for attracting both native and migratory birds in your area.

It is available in three varieties: Cracked corn, Millet, and Sunflower Seeds. You can mix it with your favorite wild bird seed. Millet is a popular choice among backyard birders. This type of seed also attracts birds, and is usually included in various wild bird seed mixes. In addition, it is great for attracting small songbirds, such as sparrows and finches.

Mill Creek

Mill Creek wild bird seed is manufactured by one of Canada’s leading seed companies. The company specializes in the production of the best wild bird food available, and its blends are carefully formulated by leading ornithological nutritionist Paul Bennett. These blends take into account the climate and immediate environment in Canada, as well as seasonal variations. Quality ingredients are the key to making sure that your bird feeder remains clean and attracts more species.

One product is the “Waste Free” blend, which contains more than 50 percent shelled sunflower seed and more than half millet. The other blend contains some dried fruits and nuts. Several other companies did not respond to requests for comment. Prices reflect the differences in ingredients. A 3.5 pound bag of classic mix costs $3.83; a 2.5-pound bag of waste-free blend costs $4.83. It costs almost double as much as the classic mix.

Audubon Park

The best wild bird seed from Audubon Park is the Nature’s Blend, a high-energy mix of favorite seeds that attracts a diverse range of backyard birds. This variety is made by the same family-owned company that has been manufacturing world-class bird seed for over 60 years. They work with local farmers to create high-quality, natural ingredients that will provide the most nutritious and tasty meal for your backyard birds.

Audubon Park sells everything from seeds to hummingbird food. Their high-energy blend is suitable for all types of bird feeders, including platform and mesh varieties. For optimal effectiveness, place your Audubon Park feeders in protected areas near shrubs and trees. It is also possible to store bird feed in airtight containers in your garage. Regardless of whether you keep your bird feeder outside or indoors, make sure it is stored in a cool, dry, and shaded place away from heat and direct sunlight.