Top 5 Calming Dog Treats For Dogs

trekkers calming dog treats

When purchasing calming treats for your canine companion, be sure to choose products designed or recommended by a veterinarian and using natural ingredients. Avoid products which produce drowsy effects or contain harsh chemicals as these could potentially produce adverse reactions in both pets and people alike.

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These tasty chews from PetHonesty feature an innovative combination of natural ingredients designed to calm dogs without making them sleepy. One chew per day should suffice for pups up to 25 pounds.


NaturVet Quiet Moments

NaturVet Quiet Moments are soothing treats designed to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation in dogs. Ideal for helping them cope with loud noises, travel anxiety, vet or groomer visits or trips for grooming appointments – these natural supplements contain L-tryptophan, chamomile and valerian root as well as ginger to support sensitive stomachs – plus there’s even an extended money back guarantee on each package!

Trekkers has developed this calming treat from natural ingredients designed to ease anxiety in dogs. Free from sugar, artificial flavors and major allergens – its ingredients include chamomile, melatonin, passion flower hawthorn and valerian root for maximum effectiveness and relaxation for dogs weighing 10-25 lbs; half of a chew recommended per day if they weigh 26-50 lbs or over.

PawMedica Calming+

These treats are an ideal solution for dogs who experience separation anxiety or who become nervous around other dogs. Contained are natural and organic ingredients which have been designed to ease anxiety in dogs – such as chamomile, passion flower and hemp oil – these treats may help reduce anxiety before stressful events like veterinary visits or thunderstorms. They should be given daily as needed.

These chews are manufactured in the US, free from corn, wheat, soy and artificial flavors and preservatives – perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs! Use them to calm your pet during travel as well as give him something before visits to a vet or groomer.

These chews are designed to help your dog relax without making them sleepy, using L-theanine which stimulates alpha brain waves as well as Magnolia and Phellodendron extracts that have been known to reduce tension and anxiety. Each tub of this product contains 120 soft chews for about $29.

Shameless Pet Turk It Easy Calming Chews

Shameless Pet is a revolutionary dog treat brand with the goal of reducing food waste. Their Turkey It Easy chews are handcrafted using sustainably upcycled ingredients such as hemp seed powder, thiamine, valerian root, passion flower extracts, L-tryptophan and organic kelp which all serve to calm dogs.

These calming treats will help your dog manage everyday stressors without making them sleepy. Their effects last up to four hours and they are safe enough for daily use.

Melatonin and chamomile, two soothing herbs found in these chews, can help your dog remain relaxed during stressful situations like trips to the vet, thunderstorms or being apart from you. Furthermore, the formula includes acetyl-L-carnitine as an antioxidant which also works to alleviate stress and promote balanced behavior – this supplement should only be given three times per day to dogs who weigh 76 to 100 lbs and is manufactured in the USA.

PetLab Co. Calming Treats

The PetLab Co. Calming Treats are soft chews designed to aid dogs during stressful situations like fireworks and car rides, or before events that might make them anxious, such as visiting the vet or groomer. Their blend of ingredients proven to calm dogs includes chamomile, melatonin, valerian root and passion flower; plus they’re made in America for easy digestion by all life stages!

These chews help dogs relax and reduce anxiety in various situations, from temporary owner separation to frightening car rides. They’re especially helpful for dogs that exhibit hyperactive or aggressive behaviors as they can help calm them down. Flavored with turkey and ginger for maximum taste appeal, vegan-certified and gluten-free to ensure safety and suitable for dogs with allergies or those that don’t react well to other calming treats or medications – an ideal solution!