Train Me Treats

Treats serve many functions during training sessions: they lure, motivate and reward dogs. Training treats should be small enough and light enough to give out frequently without overwhelming them during sessions.

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Trainers frequently turn to string cheese for its pungent aroma; other strong-scented foods also make an impactful statement about their presence. Yogurt cubes provide another soft treat packed with calcium, probiotics and protein to satisfy canines’ sweet tooth!


Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks

Dogs love the crunchy texture of Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks dog biscuits from the #1 trusted brand for canines – Milk-Bone! Developed to freshen breath and reduce tartar build-up while being an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, these treats are small enough for all sizes to enjoy them with equal pleasure! Offering five canine-approved flavors like bacon, turkey, chicken and sausage they are lovingly baked in Buffalo New York USA.

Every treat provides your pet with protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, niacin, iron and riboflavin; in addition to being gluten free, grain free, nitrate free and low sodium! Each bone-shaped biscuit also boasts 12 vitamins and minerals – plus is gluten-free, grain free, nitrate free low sodium made in America!

Greenies Pill Pockets

Make pill time treat time with veterinarian-recommended treats designed to make pilling simpler with Greenies Pill Pockets that conceal pills, capsules, or liquid medications in a low-calorie dog treat. By disguising the smell and taste of medicine in this treat form, Greenies Pill Pockets make administering medication easy without hassle or fuss.

A special divot in each treat makes it easy to fill its built-in pouch with medication for your pet, before sealing and squishing to seal off its mouthwatering chicken flavor! Your pet will think this delicious reward is yet another tasty reward!

Handling treats requires using clean hands in order to avoid inhaling their smell or taste as this will transfer over to your fingertips. Also, do not touch Pill Pockets with the hand that was holding your pet’s medication; doing so could cause them to reject their treat, leading to reluctant struggle or biting behavior from your pet. Ingredients may include beef, chicken, glycerin, vegetable oil, wheat flour, peas potatoes salt cultured skim milk natural flavors dried egg corn syrup natural hickory smoke flavor preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid preservation methods.

Crazy Dog Train-Me!

Crazy Dog Train-Me! Training Reward Treats make pet training simple. Packed with protein-rich treats your pup will love, these tasty training rewards have been recommended by thousands of professional trainers as an incentive and motivator to teach new tricks to dogs. Made in the US, these soft treats contain pork liver as the star ingredient and other ingredients such as rice flour, peas, vegetable glycerin, bacon, tapioca starch corn syrup sweet potatoes chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols) calcium lactate salt natural smoke flavor phosphoric acid zinc propionate and rosemary extract – plus more! These training rewards come packaged in resealable bags for easy storage and offer approximately 20 treats, varying in terms of sodium and phosphorus content, each treat boasting 4kcal. Ingredients may include pork liver, brown rice flour, bacon, tapioca starch, vegetable glycerin, peas, chicken fat (preserved with tocopherols), sweet potatoes, calcium lactate, salt, natural smoke flavoring rosemary extract as well as phosphoric acid.

Orijen Treats

Your pup deserves only the finest ingredients in his or her food, which are why these tasty bites contain only 5 calories per snack – perfect as a training treat or anytime treat!

Orijen pet food and treats are produced in Morinville, Alberta in Canada using biologically appropriate ingredients that mimic the diets of wild dogs and cats. Their food features high levels of protein as well as fresh regional meats, organs and cartilage rich organs and healthy fruits and vegetables for your pet to get essential vitamins and minerals they require for good health.

Orijen’s Original recipe is an ideal food option for puppies. Crafted with raw free-run chicken and turkey as well as wild-caught fish that has been gently freeze-dried to retain all their valuable nutrients, this high-protein formula can be served either as a meal or topper and contains over 80% animal ingredients – no vegetable proteins or long lists of synthetic supplements here!