Two Cats Train a Human to Bring Them Food

two cats ring bell for food

Two cats who successfully taught a human to bring them food when ringing bells have been captured in heartwarming video footage. It’s an adorable twist on Pavlov’s famous dog experiment.

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This video has been going viral on Twitter, and you’re sure to love it. You may find yourself having a hard time stopping yourself from watching it!

Cats wearing hats

Cat owners will recognize the joy of cats wearing hats. Not only are these pictures adorable, but it’s an enjoyable way for both you and your feline friend to dress up!

Cats typically don’t enjoy wearing hats due to several reasons: Ear-covering accessories can cause them discomfort or tension in their ears, and cats need the freedom to move those ears freely when not wearing a hat.

Therefore, it’s always best to dress your cat in a costume that doesn’t restrict their movement. There are plenty of cute options out there, but make sure the one fits well on your cat’s head and won’t obstruct her ears.

Another popular option is Kuoser’s striped winter hat, which keeps your cat’s ears warm and protects her neck from cold air. Available in three sizes, it’s simple to slip over your cat’s head for protection.

Cat hats not only look cute in pictures, but they can also keep your furry friend warm. Online, you’ll find an array of adorable hats to buy; from trapper-style hats that fit both cats and dogs to beanie hats with pom-poms on top.

You can even find hats made from your cat’s fur, which can be both amusing and creative. A photographer who owns three Scottish Fold cats came up with this brilliant idea when he noticed a wad of hair that looked just like a hat.

These hand crocheted hats attach to your cat’s chin for secure fitting and can be found on Etsy in an array of colors and sizes.

Japanese Twitter account b_ru_ru has been sharing videos of two adorable cats ringing bells to get food, and it has already garnered over 230,000 followers! Their adorable antics make us want to watch them forever!

Cats ringing bells

A pair of cats have an adorable trick for getting their human to bring them food. In a video circulating on Twitter, the felines ring bells repeatedly with their paws before an arm drops treats into their bowls. The video has gone viral due to its cuteness factor.

Cats frequently ring bells for various reasons, from meowing to asking for attention. While these behaviors are normal and can help keep your cat mentally stimulated, they may also lead to overfeeding which could lead to obesity and other health issues.

If your cat is repeatedly ringing bells to request food, consider training them other ways of communicating their hunger. Positive reinforcement such as treats can help reinforce this behavior; however, remember: training your cat takes time and patience!

One of the best ways to teach your cat how to ring the bell is by placing it near their food dish and rewarding them when they ring it. Eventually, they’ll be able to ring it on their own and receive treats without your assistance.

You can also use a clicker to train your cat. While these are generally too loud for up-close instruction, they may be helpful when reinforcing certain behaviors.

Depending on the age of your cat, it may take anywhere from two to six sessions to teach them to ring the bell reliably for treats. Once they’re ringing it consistently, you can progress onto other behaviors like sitting or walking.

Twitter users have shared a series of videos featuring two Japanese cats who are trained to ring bells for treats. The felines wear fruit-shaped hats as they eagerly wait for their reward. Their adorable antics has earned them the admiration of those on Twitter, who are sharing the videos in hopes that other animal lovers may consider adopting them.