Types of Bird Seed For Wild Birds

types of bird seed for wild birds

There are many different types of bird seed available. Some of them are Sorghum, Sunflower, Millet, Peanuts, and Suet. These seeds are great for your bird feeding area because they attract a wide variety of birds.

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Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of food for a wide range of birds. Not only are they a good source of protein, they are also packed with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. They are especially beneficial during cold weather, because they help keep birds warm.

Sunflower seeds can be purchased from your local store or online. The best way to purchase is to use a local store, because they typically offer the best prices. However, if you aren’t in a position to buy a whole plant, a tray feeder can be a suitable substitute.

There are three types of sunflower seeds. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While the most popular type is the oil sunflower, there are other options worth considering.

The oil sunflower was developed to maximize the oils inside the seed. The oil is a major insulator and provides a shiny coat for birds.


Sorghum, also known as milo, is a type of bird seed for wild birds. This is a very popular food for ground-feeding birds in western states. Sorghum is different from most other seeds in several ways. The seeds are round and reddish brown in color. They are often served as filler in bird seed mixes.

Sorghum has a wide root system that can survive in arid environments. This makes it ideal for use in food plots for deer and other game birds.

Sorghum is also a good source of calcium. But the problem is that many birds won’t eat it. Fortunately, there are other types of millet that are better for feeding birds.

Generally, small finches and doves prefer white proso millet. Mourning doves and red-winged blackbirds like it as well. Another seed that is highly favored by these birds is Nyjer seed, which is a type of thistle. This is a seed that is grown in India and Ethiopia.


Millet is an excellent way to attract a variety of wild birds to your backyard. The seeds are a complete food source for backyard birds and contain essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and magnesium.

Millet is great for attracting both wild and domesticated birds to your garden. It can be used in hopper feeders, low platform feeders and tray feeders. In order to attract a wide variety of birds, it should be mixed with other seed varieties.

Millet is especially loved by ground-feeding birds. House Sparrows, juncos and quail are all attracted to the seed. Some of these birds prefer white millet, while others like red millet.

Milo is a large reddish round seed that is often used as a filler in commercial seed mixes. It is not eaten by most birds, but it does provide a cheaper alternative to other bird seeds.


If you love to bird watch, you’ve probably heard of suet, the high-energy food for wild birds. It is a great source of calories for birds during the colder months.

It is available in many different shapes and flavors. Some suet products contain peanut butter and other nutritious ingredients. Some are even made specifically to attract certain species of birds.

Several types of birds will eat suet, including woodpeckers, chickadees, and titmice. Some varieties of suet are mixed with nuts and insects, providing extra energy for these birds. Some of the more popular varieties include peanuts and pecans.

Suet can be bought at most grocery stores. It can be made at home with ingredients such as beef fat. You can also buy pre-made suet pellets or cakes.


Peanuts are an excellent source of nutrition for birds, especially during the cold winter months. The high fat content in this seed provides birds with extra energy and fat needed to keep their bodies warm.

There are many types of peanuts to choose from. Some are better for birds than others. Whole or shelled peanuts are a good choice for larger birds, while crushed nuts are safer for smaller birds.

Peanuts are a tasty, inexpensive way to provide the extra calories birds need in the cold winter months. They are also a great source of energy, and can help attract a variety of birds to your yard.

Peanuts are a favorite food of many backyard and garden birds. Some of the species that eat them include chickadees, grackles, blackbirds, crows, jays, titmice, and woodpeckers.