Urinary Dog Food and Bladder Stones

urinary dog food

Dogs urinate to excrete waste and mark their territory. Unfortunately, certain dogs may be predisposed to developing urinary issues like bladder stones.

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Feeding your dog food specifically designed to promote urinary health can help both prevent and treat urinary issues. This diet includes low levels of magnesium to reduce stone formation as well as nutritious ingredients like cranberry extract and cod liver oil for overall wellness.


Bladder Stones

Bladder stones (uroliths) are an increasingly prevalent problem for older dogs. Struvite stones, caused by urinary tract infections, are the most prevalent variety. Other varieties may include calcium oxalate, urate and cystine stones.

Your pet could benefit from a special diet designed to make their urine moderately acidic, controlling mineral levels in their system and decreasing oxalate concentration. Furthermore, this diet also has lower fat content to prevent obesity as an additional risk factor for stone formation.

For optimal prevention of bladder stones in your dog, ensure they drink plenty of water and urinate frequently – this flushes their bladder out, flushing away bacteria that form stones and prevents accumulation.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be a source of great discomfort for dogs. While not as dangerous as bladder stones or serious bacterial infections, treating UTIs early is vital in order to minimize damage over time and protect the health of both your pup and you!

Urinalysis is often the first step veterinarians will take when diagnosing UTIs in dogs. This typically entails taking a sample from your pet’s urine and analyzing it for red and white blood cells, bacteria and crystals.

Your vet will likely prescribe antibiotics to get the infection under control and avoid developing resistance against it. As well as medications, you can assist your pup by increasing water consumption and keeping their bowl always full with clean water for optimal hydration and healthy urination. You could also try natural herbal remedies like juniper berries, parsley leaf and uva ursi to promote healthy urination while decreasing inflammation.

Kidney Disease

If you notice changes in your dog’s urine patterns, consult with a veterinarian immediately. They’ll help determine what’s best for your furry family member and can offer guidance regarding treatment – be that through prescription diet or store-bought options.

Look for urinary dog food with limited ingredients and natural components that support your dog’s urinary system, such as cranberry, vitamins B & E, cod liver oil and chitosan. These ingredients should provide your canine with all they need for optimal urinary health.

If your pup has been diagnosed with kidney disease, it’s essential that he’s placed on a therapeutic diet. These special meals are designed to get rid of existing stones as well as prevent new ones from forming; in addition, these diets contain lower levels of phosphorous and sodium and lack preservatives, pesticides or fertilizers – although more expensive than their standard food equivalent.

Weight Management

Similarly, if your dog already has bladder stones, your vet may recommend a special diet in order to minimize their recurrence. A special urinary dog food may reduce risk of struvite and calcium oxalate stones by encouraging more frequent urination to dilute urine and flush away minerals that contribute to crystal formation in urine.

Some specialized urinary care foods contain ingredients like cranberries that can acidify urine and help prevent crystal formation, while also having lower ash content than general purpose foods – thus decreasing mineral deposits that could lead to stone formation.

Blue WU Weight Management + Urinary Care food has been specifically formulated with optimal levels of fat and calories to promote weight loss while simultaneously supporting urinary health. It features controlled mineral levels, low glycemic index levels and antioxidant blends designed to boost immune system performance – plus its convenient chicken liver flavor makes for convenient mealtime feedings! Available as bites or kibble.