Vetafarm Canary Food and Neocare For Goulians, Finches, and Canaries

vetafarm canary food

For a healthy diet for your canary, feed your pet with Vetafarm canary food. It contains sprouted seed, greens, and legumes. It is also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Red Factor, Finch and Budgie Crumbles, and Neocare are all great choices. Read on to learn more about each food. It’s easy to see why these brands are so popular.

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Red Factor

The red color of canaries is derived from beta-carotene, which can be found in foods such as berries, beets, sweet potatoes, squashes, cherries, and hemp. These ingredients are naturally occurring, which means that they are preferable to synthetic dyes. The Red Factor canary food also contains canthaxanthin, which gives the canary a more vivid red color.

This canary food contains select Australian whole grains, such as corn, wheat, and soybean, as well as vitamins and minerals, such as copper, iron, manganese, potassium, sodium, sulphur, and selenium. The food also contains colour enhancers such as capsicum and canthaxanthin. The guaranteed analysis provides min protein, fat, fibre, and salt levels.

Finch and Budgie Crumbles

Vetafarm Finch and Budgie Crumbles is an extruded, complete diet for pet and breeding finches. It contains high-quality ingredients and is suitable for both adult birds and chicks. The crumbled formula is free of a variety of additives that can cause digestive problems in your birds. Vetafarm Finch and Budgie Crumbles is also available in a variety of flavors and textures, including carrot and sunflower.

Vetafarm is a leading innovator in companion health and welfare, and their products are made with only the highest-quality ingredients. From premium ingredients like chicken and duck, to carefully selected Australian produce, Vetafarm Finch and Budgie Crumbles are a nutritious and delicious treat for your finches. The high-quality ingredients help unlock the natural flavours and improve digestibility. This complete diet is great for all types of birds. Non-breeding finches and budgies should be fed ninety percent Finch and Budgie Crumbles with 5% seeds.


Vetafarm canary food is an excellent choice for hand-rearing chicks. The formula is designed to be suitable from hatching through to weaning. The food is not meant to be mixed with other supplements, as this would dilute the nutrition and unbalance the diet of young birds. The first 24 hours after hatching should be given electrolyte formula, while Neocare is given as a thick, runny consistency and gradually thickens over the following days.

The formula has been specially developed for baby birds, ensuring optimal health and growth from hatching until weaning. It has a blend of enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics, which promote optimum digestion. The feed can be used directly from the brooder, ensuring optimum health of the chicks. The formula is also suitable for hand-rearing babies. It is easy to mix with water and is safe for the birds.

Ronivet for Gouldians, Finches, and Canaries

The veterinarian-formulated medication Vetafarm Ronivet for Goulians, Finches, and Canaries is an effective way to control parasites and worms in your bird’s water. Its strength is 12%, double the strength of Ronivet-S. This medication is safe to use during any stage of a bird’s breeding cycle, regardless of its size. Its spray bottle contains a sprayer, dilution measurements, and instructions for use.

To effectively treat a gouldian or finch with canker, the veterinarian should use a worm-control medication made especially for birds with the parasitic coccidiasis. Most finches, canaries, and other birds have a high tolerance to this parasite, but a gouldian is particularly vulnerable to it. This parasite lives in dirt floors, lofts, and potted plants and can spread through bird droppings. Its treatment consists of different medications.

Grit mix

For a healthy diet, you can give your canary the right combination of protein, vitamins, and minerals with Vetafarm canary food Grit. In addition to protein, this mix also contains traces of greens, nuts, and seeds. The best way to ensure that your canary is getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals is to add in a small amount of sprouted seed every day.

Some companies add artificial coloring to dried fruits and vegetables. Others use sulfur dioxide, a preservative, which can increase hyperactivity and aggression. Some birds are allergic to sulfur dioxide, which increases feather shredding and picking. Whether or not grit is necessary is up for debate, but it is known to provide some nutrients that birds require to thrive. A properly balanced pelleted diet with a small amount of fresh greens may also be beneficial.

Water bottles

Canaries are iodine-deficient birds that need a iodine-enriched bell or perch to stay healthy. Avoid feeding them any food containing chocolate, onion, avocado or lettuce. Also, avoid keeping them in drafty places as they can get sick from cold drafts. Canaries get along with finches and can be housed in the same cage. To keep your canary healthy, clean the perches often and replace worn feeders and water bottles as needed.