Vitalis Coral Food

vitalis coral food

Vitalis is an Australian brand of aquarium food that offers a wide variety of fish foods as well as four different types of coral foods. There are four different formulas and food sizes available for various coral types. The sps and lps coral foods are a finer texture and are made to be scrubbed by filter feeders. The lps coral food is best for lps corals. This food is designed for use with filter feeders and is not harmful to the sps or lps corals.

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SPS Coral Food

SPS Coral Food is a micronized feed made for small polyped stony corals. This type of food is composed of fish derivatives, vegetables, crustaceans, fats, and vitamins. SPS Coral Food is an ideal choice for both small and large polyped stony corals. This type of feed provides 53.7% protein, 12.2% inorganic matter, and 10.5% fats, which your corals will enjoy.

Vitalis SPS Coral Food is made from micronized flakes that mimic floating coral polyp particles. It provides faster nutritional response, better coloration, and enhanced growth. In addition, feeding helps corals increase the percentage of photosynthesis and multiply the Zooxanthellae that converts sunlight into chemical energy. This food is a must for vitalis corals. Its high protein content also promotes vibrant coloration in corals.

Micronized flake

Micronized flake mimics suspended particulate matter found in seawater. Soft corals catch this suspended matter with their tentacles and use it as food. Micronized flake contains an advanced amino acid blend that encourages polyp extension and allows the corals to feed in their reef environment. This product is also enriched with fish derivatives, molluscs and crustaceans, oils, and vitamins.

When feeding your SPS coral, it’s important to turn off the filter and sump pumps but leave the circulation pumps running. Using a turkey baster, add micronized flake food upstream to the corals you’re feeding. Make sure the water circulates, and place the pinch directly under the coral’s surface. The composition of Micronized Flake As Vitalis Coral Food is high in protein, inorganic matter, and fat. Micronized flake contains approximately four grams of food per gram.

Filter feeds

This pellet is designed specifically for filter-feeding large polyp stony corals, which are often found in deep water and do not rely on sunlight to grow and live. The pellet is a micronized mix of vegetable and fish derivatives and oils and fats. It is also rich in minerals, vitamins, and protein constituents. A single pinch can feed several corals at once. Using a turkey baster or a pinch directly under water in fast-flowing water will help you target the food.

Soft corals are also great filter feeders, and Vitalis Soft Coral Food is a complete pet food for these species. It contains a special amino acid blend designed to mimic the suspended particulate matter that soft corals trap naturally. Soft corals also benefit from this food because it promotes polyp extension. The flakes are soluble in water, making it easy to mix into the current. This food is also great for filter feeders, and the fine texture is very easy for your corals to ingest.


Oyster-Feast is a highly nutritious liquid concentrate, which can be premixed with 4 parts aquarium water. One serving is equivalent to about two full oysters. As oyster eggs contain similar nutrients, Oyster-Feast is smaller in particle size and is therefore perfect for feeding corals. As a new user, it is recommended to use half the recommended dose, then gradually increase the daily dosage.

This coral food is suitable for large polyp stony corals that live in deeper waters and rely less on sunlight for nutrition. The small pellets are perfect for these corals, as they trap particulate matter in their tissues. Other nutrients in Oyster-Feast include fish derivatives, as well as vegetable matter. Fish and crustacean meal contain vitamins, fats, and minerals.

TDO Chroma Boost

TDO Chroma Boost is a premium, micronized flake that mimics the suspended particulate matter that is naturally trapped in coral polyps. The micronized flake also increases the coral’s photosynthesis rate, and may help increase its Zooxanthellae population, which helps it convert sunlight into chemical energy. To get the best results, titrate the food and feed it to your corals every few days.

TDO Chroma Boost is available in pellets and granules, and top-dressed with Haematococcus, a source of astaxanthin. You can feed your corals either through Broadcast Feeding or Direct Feeding, which requires you to make a thick slurry and pipette it onto the coral. TDO Chroma Boost is a great choice for reef tanks as it is formulated for smaller fish.