Vitalis SPS Coral Food

vitalis sps coral food

Vitalis offers a wide range of food for vitalis sps corals that meets the nutritional needs of these critters. These food products are made with advanced amino acid blend to help polyps extend their life span and feed in the wild. Indirect feeding is also an option.

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Indirect feeding

SPS coral food is a micronized coral feed that contains fish and vegetable derivatives. It is a great choice for small polyped stony corals. The ratio of fish and vegetal derivatives to inorganic matter is perfect for the coral. These micronized flakes are perfect for feeding small and large polyped stony corals.

Vitalis is a popular brand of fish and coral food in Australia. The company offers a large selection of fish foods and four formulas for different types of coral. These formulas are made specifically for lps, sps, and soft corals. Its food is finer than other brands, and stays suspended in the water, so it’s easy to scrub by filter feeders.

A small amount of food is introduced five minutes before feeding to train the coral to extend its polyps. The coral responds by expanding its feeding tentacles and enveloping the pellets. Once the pellets have been ingested, the coral will return to normal size. If you have a large coral in your tank, it’s best to turn the current down to a low speed or turn it off completely while the coral feeds.

Micronized flake food with particles

Micronized flake food is a type of feed for SPS corals that mimics the suspended particulate matter in seawater, which SPS corals naturally capture in their tentacles. This food also contains a high-quality amino acid blend that encourages polyp extension, a critical trait for the survival of SPS corals. It also contains fish derivatives, as well as vitamins and other minerals.

This food can be mixed with aquarium water and administered directly to corals, but the circulation pump must be turned off. If you’d prefer to administer the food into your sump, you can use a turkey baster to target the corals with a small amount.


Vitalis SPS Coral Food contains micronized flake food that is 100-400 um in size. This type of food mimics suspended particulate matter, and corals use it to convert sunlight into chemical energy. In addition, it contains nutrients that enhance corals’ ability to perform photosynthesis. These nutrients may help corals grow faster, exhibit brighter colors, and produce more and better Zooxanthellae.

Brightwell Aquatics is an excellent choice for aquarium owners. It is easy to store and feed your corals. It also reduces the risk of overfeeding, and it can increase the biodiversity of the aquarium.

Barriers to keeping corals in an aquarium

Some aquarists are intimidated by the thought of adding new corals to their aquarium. While corals are valuable additions to any aquarium, they can also be problematic. These creatures have a high rate of death if not kept correctly and may not survive in certain conditions.

When considering which coral species to purchase, it’s best to do some research beforehand. For example, not all coral species require the same type of food. Choosing the wrong food for your coral can result in a reef with low or no growth. Some corals can ingest the same types of food as aquarium fish, while others require special foods specifically designed for coral. Some commercial foods for corals include marine snow, rotifer cultures, and phytoplankton. Alternatively, you can make your own coral food by blending shrimp, commercial foods, and fresh vegetables.

One common myth about corals is the use of glue for mounting. Although corals are hardy and can survive in the aquarium, mounting can severely reduce their growth potential. Many aquariums are currently holding corals until they can be outplanted back on the reef.

Ingredients in vitalis sps coral food

Vitalis SPS Coral Food is a micronized flakes-based feed. It is specially formulated for small polyped stony corals. It is made up of fish, vegetal derivatives, shellfish, fats, and vitamins. It contains between 100 and 400 microns in size. This is perfect for both small and large stony corals. It also contains minerals, fats, and oils.

Vitalis SPS coral food contains micronized flake particles in the range of 100-400um in size. These particles mimic the suspended particulate matter found in seawater. This is essential for SPS corals because their tentacles are designed to trap this substance. In addition, Vitalis SPS Coral food contains an advanced amino acid blend, which encourages polyp extension. This helps the corals feed naturally in a reef environment.