Wagner’s Four Season Wild Bird Food

If you are looking for the best wild bird food for your birds, look no further than Wagner’s. This brand has been a leader in the world of wild bird food for over fifty years, and has a variety of foods that are ideal for different seasons and kinds of birds. Its four season wild bird food is a perfect blend of nutrients that will help your birds stay healthy and strong all year long.

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Getting your feathered fam on is a fun affair. There is a myriad of wild bird food available to choose from and if you are willing to go to the trouble of shopping around, you are sure to find what the birdies are looking for. The trick is choosing the right blend for your specific needs. Fortunately, Wagner’s Four Seasons has got you covered with a variety of formulas aimed at different bird types. With the help of its dedicated customer service team, you can be on your way to attracting a new set of feathered friends in no time. Whether you’re looking to feed your feathered crew or you are trying to impress a visitor, Wagner’s Four Seasons has the formulas to match your needs.


You can start feeding hummingbirds in your backyard by simply making a simple sugar water feeder. Hummingbirds prefer a red color, and so a red colored feeder is perfect. Some people add a little red dye, but if you don’t want to do that, then you can just use a regular, uncolored sugar water.

If you decide to make your own hummingbird feeder, it is best to use real white sugar. Avoid adding honey, brown sugar, or other artificial sweeteners.

Hummingbirds eat a variety of foods. However, they are mostly interested in insects, which provide them with both protein and fat. They can also pick insects off of plant bark or sticky sap.

Hummingbirds also love to bathe in a fine spray of water. A good place to put your hummingbird feeder is in a shady spot.

Make sure to clean your hummingbird feeder regularly. Insects and contaminants can get into the water if you don’t.


Wagner’s Four Season Wild Bird Food is a quality value blend that aims to please. It comes in a number of flavors to suit your fancy, from a plethora of flavored suets to a host of dry mixes. There’s even a variety of treats in the form of suet sticks and peanuts.

The best part of all is that Wagner’s makes it easy to buy bird food for your avian companions with a streamlined ordering system that’s also user-friendly. Not only are the bird feeds available in a number of attractive flavors, the packaging is also a delight to look at. They’ve been making high-quality wild bird food since 1894. With so many choices on the market, it’s important to know which product is a quality match for your feathered friends.

Wagner’s four season blend is a must-have for any backyard bird enthusiast. Aside from the aforementioned food, there are a slew of treats in the form of a plethora of dry mixes, suet sticks and peanuts.


Wagner’s Four Season Wild Bird Food is perfect for wild birds during the spring, summer, fall and winter months. It is made from the highest quality, clean ingredients and it contains no wheat, fillers or toxins. The ingredients are specially designed to attract a wide range of Songbirds. These products have been tested by bird lovers and it has been proven to attract a variety of birds to your backyard feeder. Having a backyard filled with cardinals is possible!

Cardinals are non-migratory birds and they can live in your yard year-round. They eat insects, fruits, and birdseed. They are medium-sized birds and they prefer to feed on a standing bird feeder instead of a hanging one. In the winter, they will seek water to drink. You should also make sure to provide them with adequate shelter. If you have natural hiding spots and nesting areas, Cardinals will be happy to make your yard their home.