Wagner’s Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food

wagneramp39s nyjer seed wild bird food

Wagner’s is the oldest privately-owned wild bird food company in the United States, and they have been educating and helping enthusiasts enjoy the world of birds for over 130 years. Their seed mixes are made with the highest-quality fresh ingredients, and are a favorite among all types of birds across the USA. You can find a variety of different wild bird foods in their catalogs, all of which are designed to give feathered friends more seeds and attract more songbirds.

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Wagner’s Nyjer Seed

Finch feeders use Wagner’s Nyjer Seed for attracting smaller songbirds. Finch feeders feature tiny perches and small holes that discourage larger birds from feeding in them. The high fat and protein content of Wagner’s Nyjer seed attracts these little songbirds to your feeder. And your yard will look great, too. It’s easy to use – all you need to do is add water and place it in your bird’s feeder.

The tiny black nyjer seed is also known as thistle seed and is a favorite among small songbirds. This premium wild bird food attracts house finches, purple finches, indigo buntings, and pine siskins, among others. The nyjer seed is great for attracting small songbirds like house finches. This product attracts a variety of different species of birds, including sparrows and redpolls.


The ingredients of Wagner’s Nyjer seed are high in fat, making it the perfect wild bird food for Finches. The tiny holes and perches make this a great choice for finch feeders. It is often referred to as “black gold” and has 150,000 seeds per pound. Using this kind of wild bird food makes cleaning up after feeding the birds a breeze.


The Availability of Wagner&#39’s Nyjer seed wild bird food is dependent upon the type of bird feeder you have. For example, if you are looking for a seed for finches, Nyjer Seed is the right choice. Finches love this seed because of its higher fat and protein content, which discourages larger birds from visiting your feeder. Additionally, Nyjer Seed is highly palatable to finches, and lasts longer than some premium blends. It is also an environmentally friendly option, since it creates no waste.


If you’re trying to attract more songbirds to your backyard, you may want to consider putting up a feeder filled with Wagner’s Nyjer Seed. This wild bird food is popular among finches and other small songbirds. Finch feeders feature smaller holes and perches, so this type of seed is perfect for this type of bird. It contains a high fat content and is known as black gold. Plus, it leaves no mess behind.