What Can Gerbils Eat?

what can gerbils eat list

There are a number of foods that gerbils can eat, and the following list is an example of some of them. These include fruit and vegetables, Lab blocks, and Wholemeal bread. Gerbils also occasionally eat nuts, but these should be avoided. Other foods that you should keep away from your gerbil are: wild bugs, butter, and cheese, which are rich in fat.

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When it comes to fruits and vegetables that gerbils can eat, some are safe and others are not. These foods are known for their beneficial effects on health. Many fruits and vegetables contain trace amounts of pesticides. In large quantities, these foods can cause upset stomachs and gastrointestinal issues in your gerbil. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, however, you should cut them up into small pieces so your gerbil will not choke on them.

While many commercial gerbil foods are safe to feed to gerbils, a diet made of table scraps and home-made meals may be deficient in certain nutrients. If your gerbils are not getting enough of these nutrients, they will display signs of deficiency, as they do in mammals. One way to prevent this problem is to feed your gerbil about 5 grams of gerbil mix daily. This will help prevent obesity, which is dangerous for your gerbil, as it can lead to islet cell hyperplasia and hyperglycemic symptoms.


Your gerbil needs a variety of healthy foods, and you can give them a balanced diet by offering them a wide variety of pellets and seeds. Commercial seed mixes usually have a variety of seeds, as well as some cereal for added nutrition. Gerbils usually prefer the bigger seed varieties and will begin nibbling around the smaller seeds in the mix as they get used to their favorites.

Although gerbils are mostly herbivorous, they also like to eat eggs, small baby creatures, and insects. Commercial pet food contains primarily grains, seeds, and fat. Some pet owners supplement their pet’s diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. Listed below are some examples of fruits and vegetables that gerbils love to eat. You can use the following list to plan your gerbil’s diet.

Lab blocks

One option for feeding your gerbils is to buy lab blocks. These are chunks or smaller pieces that form the foundation of a complete diet. Pellets are similar to small biscuits. Lab blocks are more convenient to feed and do not become stale quickly. They do not promote foraging behavior. However, you should be aware that not all lab blocks are suitable for gerbils.

As a rule, gerbils should be fed 5-10 grams of food every day. Always feed them at the same time each day, and remove any food remains after 24 hours. You can buy commercial gerbil diets that meet the specific nutritional needs of gerbils. A common commercial diet for gerbils is a pelleted ration with 14%-16% protein.

Wholemeal bread

A favorite treat of gerbils is wholemeal bread. This type of bread contains more vitamins and minerals than white bread. You can also provide toasted bread to your gerbil. Wholemeal bread is an excellent option for treats, as it contains less sugar and salt than white bread. Gerbils can also eat slices of bread, such as toast, for a healthy snack. But you have to be careful about what type of bread to give them.

A variety of foods can be given to a gerbil, from boiled eggs to fresh vegetables. Although gerbils don’t recognise raw eggs as food, they can enjoy the crunchiness of boiled eggs. Eggshells contain essential minerals and are an ideal snack for gerbils, and you can serve them instead of bread. Toast also tastes better to gerbils. It will probably prefer toasted bread over regular bread, so make sure you check the labels and don’t give your gerbil anything moldy!

Small dog biscuits

Dog biscuits are delicious, dry snacks made for dogs that are shaped like bones. While they’re not suitable for gerbils, dog biscuits are a great alternative to the dog food your gerbil might be fed regularly. Since gerbils don’t eat animals, dog biscuits contain more appropriate protein and carbohydrate content than gerbil food. Gerbils can eat small dog biscuits but you should avoid giving your pet large dog biscuits.

Some people believe that pellets are the best food for gerbils because they are easy to digest. However, there are plenty of people who recommend lab blocks as their pet’s diets. They are more flexible than pellets and lab blocks, and offer variety. Moreover, pellets and lab blocks don’t provide enough variety, so supplementation is recommended. Also, gerbils don’t eat much meat, which may result in cannibalism if overfed. Also, some foods can harm gerbils, as they don’t easily digest and contain harmful toxins.

Natural produce

Gerbils enjoy fruit snacks, vegetable scraps, and even cheese and yogurt. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your gerbil, but avoid onions, iceberg lettuce, and rhubarb, which have toxins. Other safe foods for gerbils include yogurt, cooked eggs, white meat, and cheese. Aside from fruit, gerbils also enjoy timothy hay, orchard grass, and oat hay.

Seed mixes are great treats for gerbils. These mixtures are made from seeds and pellets, but they can also contain fruits, vegetables, and even vegetables. Make sure to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables before feeding them to avoid introducing pesticides or small errors. Additionally, freeze fruit and vegetable scraps overnight to kill eggs and any insects that could be harmful for gerbils. Gerbils will often prefer fatty items like sunflower seeds, so they aren’t balanced.