What Can I Give My Puppy For Diarrhea?

Puppies with diarrhea usually produce wetter-than-normal stool. If their health otherwise appears normal and the diarrhea is only temporary, home treatment might be an option to address it.

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Pumpkin is an ideal food choice for treating diarrhea in dogs as its high concentration of soluble fiber helps slow transit times and coats the digestive tract, while potassium provides antidehydration properties.


White Rice

Plain white rice can provide your dog with easily digested starch during diarrhea episodes, but instant or packaged varieties could contain too many additives and seasonings that irritate their sensitive tummies further.

Pureed pumpkin can make an excellent addition to a bland diet for puppies. Packed full of soluble fiber that can aid digestion, it should only be fed from 100% pure canned pumpkin versus pumpkin pie filling which often has added sugars.

Make sure your puppy has access to plenty of fresh water so they remain hydrated. If their diarrhea continues for more than a day or they appear dehydrated, seek medical assistance immediately from a veterinarian.

Low-Fat Protein

New puppies can bring with them much happiness, but also cause digestive problems. Diarrhea is common in puppies as their immune systems continue to mature and they encounter parasites and pathogens.

An essential step for treating diarrhea in puppies is resting their stomach. This involves limiting any fatty or protein-rich food sources as well as offering easy digestible meals like boiled chicken and brown rice as meals that provide relief.

Good foods for dogs suffering from diarrhea include scrambled eggs (making sure that water or milk instead of dairy products are used) and mashed potatoes. Other good choices might include oatmeal, kale and green beans but always consult your veterinarian first before feeding anything to your pup.

If you decide to switch up your puppy’s food, it is wise to do it gradually over several days in order to prevent food intolerances or allergies, which could potentially result in diarrhea.


Pumpkin is an effective remedy for diarrhea in dogs and has many therapeutic advantages that help ease their stomach upset. Furthermore, pumpkin can also help remedy constipation associated with diarrhea in canines.

Pumpkin should be taken at 1 to 2 tablespoons for best results within hours, as its high levels of soluble fiber help bulk up stool and absorb excess liquid. Furthermore, pumpkin contains other essential vitamins A-K plus potassium-magnesium-iron-phosphorus-zinc.

Pumpkin puree should help alleviate diarrhea in most dogs. But be patient, as the effect can take anywhere from 24 – 48 hours before you see an improvement. While waiting, ensure your pup has access to plenty of fresh, cool water so as to prevent dehydration and maintain his proper fluid intake. If the diarrhea continues, work with your veterinarian in identifying and treating its cause.


Caregiving for a puppy can be both rewarding and daunting at the same time, from providing daily food and medicine, to health emergencies. Most cases of puppy diarrhea should pass without incident or treatment being necessary at home.

As soon as your puppy begins having diarrhea, it’s vitally important that she stays hydrated. Diarrhea can drain water and electrolytes rapidly from her body, and combined with vomiting it may rapidly dehydrate them – always have water available and consider giving some Pedialyte or Gatorade half diluted with water so she does not dehydrate rapidly.

Be wary when giving your puppy foods high in sugar, spices or additives when her stools become loose; these can wreak havoc with her gut microbiome and worsen diarrhea symptoms. Try supplementing with probiotics like Dr Harvey’s Runs Be Done to restore balance to her digestive tract and return health back into its system.