What Can You Feed Hermit Crabs?

what can u feed hermit crabs

Hermit crabs eat a wide variety of natural foods. They don’t have a fussy palate and will try just about anything that attracts their attention. From breakfast foods to movie snacks, your crab will never run out of options for tasty treats. In addition to their favorite foods, you can also give them worm castings and fruit.

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You can provide your hermit crab with a variety of fruits and vegetables. These foods are highly nutritious and contain vitamins and minerals. Try using organically grown produce. However, be sure to wash all of your produce thoroughly to remove any pesticide residue. In addition, some vegetables can be harmful to your hermit crab, so make sure to read labels carefully before feeding them.

When feeding your hermit crabs, make sure you mix a variety of fruits and vegetables in with their regular food. This will help them get used to the taste. It is also important to avoid introducing too many different foods in one sitting. Hermit crabs usually prefer a variety of foods. They rarely eat the same thing twice in a 24 hour period. However, if you notice that they don’t seem to like a specific food item on a certain day, try to find out why. It could be an environmental issue that is causing stress.


You can feed fruit and vegetables to hermit crabs to keep them healthy and happy. The key is to make sure that the food is not too sweet. A little sweet is okay but too much can be dangerous for your pet. You can try giving your hermit crab only one or two pieces of fruit at a time.

Crabs prefer fruit that is soft and wrinkled. You can also try giving them citrus fruits, as they wrinkle naturally. Citrus fruit peels contain limonene, an insect repellent. Hermit crabs find this appealing, and will happily devour them.


Greens are an important part of a hermit crab’s diet. Not only do they provide nutrition, but they are also very hydrating. Hermit crabs can even eat celery stalks. Celery is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. If you want to be sure your hermit crabs are getting the best nutrition, buy organic celery.

Leafy greens are important for hermit crabs, but don’t give them iceberg lettuce, which contains few nutrients. Instead, choose darker green lettuces like romaine or kale. Fruits and vegetables can also be a great source of nutrients. Just make sure that you wash them well.

Carrots are another good source of nutrients and are very easy for hermit crabs to digest. Cucumbers are also an excellent choice as they are high in water content and will hydrate your hermit crabs.


Eggs are an important food source for hermit crabs. They are rich in calcium and can be provided in many forms. You can offer raw eggs to your crabs, or cook them for them on the stovetop. While this is not very appetizing to humans, it is the most nutritious way to provide eggs for hermit crabs. The main reason why raw eggs are better for hermit crabs is that heat can destroy the important nutrients found in eggs. Hermit crabs are also in need of access to the egg yolk, which contains 90% of the calcium in an egg.

Hermit crabs are omnivorous scavengers, so they need variety in their diet. To give your crabs a wide variety of food choices, you can offer them different types of vegetables, fruits, and meats.